Object Matrix Joins the IABM

Object Matrix is very pleased to announce that it recently became a member of the IABM.

A snippet from our CEO Jonathan Morgan:

Jon Morgan

Jonathan Morgan


Jon founded Object Matrix and brought the team together to architect and build MatrixStore. He is a serial entrepreneur with a talent for well conceived and designed software solutions. MatrixStore is the result of Jon’s vision in 2003 for the need for an easier and more secure way to archive digital data to disk.

“As the main industry body we were always really interested in networking through IABM but what really surprised us was the forward thinkingness of IABM and how they look at industry trends and bring them to the attention of the members. Manufacturers like ourselves can really take advantage of that research and talk with like minded people who are looking to the future.

We are really looking forward to taking part in some of the events which are put on by IABM to meet other people within the industry and to understand what it is that concerns people, what problems they face and to incorporate that feedback into our own products. We are also looking forward to having access both on and offline to the research which IABM does as this will be like gold dust to a company like ours when we are looking at new features to put into products. Having this understanding of the customer is absolutely key.”