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IBC 2014 Object Matrix

I know we said last year was the best IBC ever but we surpassed that a few weeks ago in Amsterdam! We are now safely returned from another successful IBC show, where we fulfilled our largest presence at the show yet and closed another deal for a petabyte of MatrixStore nearline storage ( click for more information on the MTA International deal) .

The show has broken records in terms of the number of attendees, and we noticed an increase in the amount of media companies showing an interest in nearline workflows and the benefits it brings. Perhaps we can thank Petaman for that; Object Matrix’s resident giant storage characters on top of the stand were hard to miss.

We also wanted to share some points and trends we took from the show:

  • A recurring point of interest for potential customers was the availability of disaster recovery in Avid Interplay workflows; we spoke to a number of major broadcasters just on the subject of how we can solve that very issue.
  • Interest in how Input Media uses MatrixStore for their EVS workflow was significant. For more information click here. We are seeing more organisations needing a strategic nearline platform to support more than just one workflow, be that Avid, graphics, EVS or transcoding. MatrixStore vault technology proved popular for that alone
  • We saw more hype around “object storage” than we’ve ever experienced; where companies need a scalable platform that scales not just in storage but also in file numbers with no loss in performance.
  • Proxy workflows are set to increase. With multiple demonstrations of the Avid Interplay proxy workflow with GLOOKAST, we now see this being taken up in many facilities. Keep the ISIS lean and mean whilst keeping the full resolution protected and secure in the MatrixStore.
  • MAMs. Everyone wants one but not everyone wants the bells and whistles. DropSpot proved enough for some whilst others were keen to see the integration with our partners Cantemo, Cambridge Imaging, Masstech IPV, TMD, and Axle.
  • We need to buy more cheese and whisky! Every evening we treated our customers, resellers and future customers to sample the delights of Wales and Welsh hospitality in terms of Penderyn Whiskey, Brains beer and a selection of Snowdonia Cheese.
  • RackFridge™ also proved a hit once more. Going to seriously think about selling these! Maybe from here on in we will give them away with every cluster over 500TB!

We’re now back in Wales after a very satisfying show, continuing our discussions with potential customers keen to solve their storage issues. If you missed us at IBC but feel that the discussions and demonstrations we had are relevant to you or your customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Next stop, SATIS in Paris.

We hope to see you there!

Many Thanks
Object Matrix