Object Matrix Goes Deep With SGL

SGL Object Matrix

Cardiff, UK, 22nd July 2014:

Object Matrix, a provider of intelligent nearline storage platforms for tapeless video workflows, today announces it has produced a comprehensive integration between MatrixStore and from SGL.

The new integration uses the FlashNet APIs to provide a complete solution that enables organisations to move content seamlessly through broadcast workflows without having to manage the process. The movement of the content from MatrixStore to LTO or ODA platforms is managed by move2, an application from Object Matrix which will be released this summer.

The benefits of the combined solution are as follows:

  • Configurable policy based data migration
  • Automatically move content from MatrixStore nearline storage to any LTO or ODA library supported by SGL FlashNet
  • Metadata is kept in MatrixStore to indicate the new location of data so that all archived and non-archived data can be accessed through a single interface
  • Future proof. Multiple applications can access content archived by move2, e.g., DropSpot from Object Matrix can be used to view media assets even when they originated from 3rd party applications such as Avid Interplay
  • Data and Metadata can be migrated to either LTFS or Tar formats
  • Non-proprietary formats are supported from nearline storage to tape.

“This, deeper, integration was scheduled into our roadmap but brought forward at the request of our client base. Our customers want the choice of deep archive vendor and platform based on the workflow in hand. The SGL team has been incredibly open and supportive during the whole integration process. We look forward to continuing our excellent commercial and technical relationship.” Stated Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.

MatrixStore acts as central nearline archive protecting content from multiple workflows and departments. The ability to quickly configure MatrixStore vaults with varied digital preservation policies enables the Object Matrix client based to choose where their data resides and how it will be protected.

Disk based storage is an important part of the FlashNet archive offering,” said Bernie Walsh, Joint MD at SGL, “we very much look forward to working more closely with Object Matrix in the coming years”.

About SGL

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