Object Matrix: From Kebabs to Castles

Measuring success or company performance is a tough thing to do:

  • Is it revenue based? Revenue is vanity they say.
  • Profit maybe? Sanity for bean counters for sure.
  • How many blue chip customers? Yes, well having over 70 of those is a real achievement!

Like others, we measure ourselves by all those indicators. But I prefer the Christmas party venue indicator myself. Using that, not so well known business indicator, one can clearly see that Object Matrix has progressed nicely from kebabs to castles – something we are very proud of!

2005 was a particularly tough year for a storage startup with little or no financial backing. Zero revenue, Zero profit, Zero customers. 2005 saw us pool personal coin collections to hit the town. The result was eating a kebab at a stand up the table, drinking ropey red wine from plastic cups.

Like Kacey says “If you’re ever going to fill your bottle with lightening, you’re going to have to stand in the rain”

Character forming we say!

Object Matrix Team


This Christmas we are celebrating in Cardiff Castle. If it is good enough for President Obama and Chancellor Merkel then it suits us just fine!

The View from Object Matrix

2014 has been a record breaking year for us. An enormous effort from the whole team in sales, tech, dev, ops and eng 😉

There is a book to be had out of the Object Matrix journey. This is but one small chapter!

Wishing all our friends, customers, partners, suppliers and prospects a very happy festive season!