Object Matrix Embarks to The SVG Summit 2018

Last month we joined the Sports Video Group (SVG) as a corporate sponsor. It made a lot of sense for us to join a close knit and collaborative community that we already supported from the outside.

Object Matrix Embarks to the SVG Summit 2018

Our Relevance in Sports

Object Matrix has helped many customers, including the BBC, gain instant access to sports archive content since 2010. Our solutions are in use by the Perform Group (DAZN), MSG-N and the Miami Heat in a variety of workflows from nearline and backup in Avid workflows to implement a disaster recovery and business continuity solution. Our flagship product was also used by the BBC and Channel 4 UK, during the 2016 games in Rio de Janerio Brazil acting as a nearline in EVS and Avid workflows.

As mentioned in our recent Press Release, we are currently adding more functionality to our MatrixStore and Vision solutions in order to enable sports organisations to implement hybrid archive workflows, whilst benefiting from a more intelligent storage platform (automated IMF workflows and single pane of glass content management). Our hybrid workflows provide the power, intelligence and security of on-premises object storage combined with the elasticity and global collaboration afforded by public cloud platforms.

Why Though?

Sports teams, governing bodies and associations need to serve an ever-increasing demand for current and archive content. That means all their content, be that in proxy or high-res format, needs to be available on demand. To meet this challenge many are looking to move away from legacy LTO infrastructure to more modern hybrid storage workflows that are better, and more appropriate, in on-demand environments.

Meet Me

Next week I will once again travel to New York for the annual SVG summit (10th/11th Dec), I am very excited to get the chance to be listening, and learning, as the glitterati of sports technologists gather en masse. If you would like to meet with me while I am at the summit event or in town that week please do get in touch.

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About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award winning UK based software company that pioneered Digital Content Governance (DCG), object storage and the modernisation of digital video workflows. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud solutions are tightly integrated into file based and IP workflows and bring economic and operational benefit to all of our customers. Our flagship product, MatrixStore, is used by the world’s largest organisations that create and distribute video content, including NBC, TV Globo, MSG-N, the BBC & BT.