Object Matrix Does NAB

After a blindingly excellent BVE2011 we have been presented with the opportunity to take a small space at NAB next month in the South Hall. We are going to put together a small demo booth showing basic tapeless workflows for AVID and Final Cut alongside the recently announced MAM bundle offered by ourselves and the clever chaps from Vidispine and Cantemo.

Full details here:

Object Matrix to Debut at NAB in Las Vegas

Caerphilly, Wales, UK, March 10th 2011: Object Matrix will be showcasing its tapeless workflow archive technology MatrixStore at the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) for the first time.

MatrixStore acts as a pre-production, nearline or local archive, allowing content to move smoothly through any digital workflow from ingest to delivery. Implementing a tapeless or file-based workflow has been highlighted as one of the top challenges facing creative organizations. With no tape to put on the shelf broadcasters, post-production facilities and creative agencies are looking for a solution to keep their assets secure and more importantly available throughout the production process. A single MatrixStore cluster acts as rushes/dailies, nearline or local archive allowing content to move seamlessly through any digital workflow from ingest to delivery.

MatrixStore features include:

• Guaranteed ingest with metadata harvesting (Panasonic P2 etc)

• Secure Ingest Vaults (Lockdown from accidental deletion) • Production/Project parking to a Nearline Vault in Avid and Final Cut Workflows (one-click operation)

• Archiving Legacy assets to a local, online library vault using DropSpot, Final Cut Server, Cantemo Portal, Vidispine, Phoenix7 and CatDV

• MatrixStore scales from 12TB to 2PB+ with an elegant plug and scale architecture

MatrixStore clustered storage consists of proven commodity server hardware combined with innovative and powerful software to ensure the integrity of data coupled with self-healing in the case of component failure. The solution is scalable in both performance and capacity with the simple addition of storage nodes as and when you need them. MatrixStore provides users with a keyword search tool to quickly and efficiently search through stored material and metadata. The cost-effective and easily scalable nature of MatrixStore makes it the perfect nearline storage solution for today’s digital workflows.

The recently introduced Media Asset Management bundle from Object Matrix, Cantemo and Vidispine will also be demonstrated from 9th-14th April 2011 on stand SL8923 which is located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, USA).

The View From OM

Very happy to have a meeting and demo space at NAB as it will provide us with the ability to present our technology to our resellers and their clients who are located in the Americas. We will also be announcing a new integration at the show.