• 12 November 2019

Object Matrix Customer Pain Points

Object Matrix Customer Pain Points

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Common Customer Pain Points

Object Matrix is the strategic partner who understands your industry, enables global collaboration, increases operational efficiency and empowers creativity

1. I cannot monetise content as I don’t know what I have

When content is spread across silos of storage or your MAM goes down, then it’s tough to find your valuable assets. If you can’t find it you don’t have it and if you don’t have it then you cannot use it, re-use it or get value from it. 

MatrixStore object storage comes with intelligent metadata services built in enabling teams to find and access content instantly even if the MAM is not available.

2. I don’t have a platform to share content with global teams

Many media focused organisations have teams spread across cities, regions or countries. Sharing and protecting the content between those locations has been a real pain point for customers before they implemented MatrixStore object storage coupled with the amazing Vision browse and collaboration platform.

3. I’m afraid to work will stop if we have a local outage which will cost us money

Localised outages, be they mundane or caused by a hurricane should not stop access to content. MatrixStore implemented as a private or hybrid cloud storage platform includes built-in DR and Business Continuity – For free.

4. I do not have the resources or experts to manage more storage silos

Managing legacy storage takes time, people and expertise. The storage technology world moves fast and maintaining that in house expertise is often not appropriate nor cost-effective. Implementing a private or hybrid cloud storage platform built on MatrixStore object storage, that requires little or no management, relieves our customers of that problem.

5. When I need it, my vendor support is not good enough, they don’t understand me as an individual customer

Generalist IT and storage suppliers want to sell into the media and film companies at any cost in order to say that they helped to make “Avatar” or “Star Wars” on the social channels. The reality is that most of the time, they drop in their product at reduced costs and run away. Object Matrix has dedicated itself to the media industry and only the media industry. Therefore we speak your language, understand your challenges and provide relevant and compelling solutions.

6. Cloud doesn’t work for me right now but what is a viable alternative?

Organisations who rushed to the cloud are now finding it is not quite right for some workflows, namely on-demand archives. The ability to pull any content from the archive at any time without crippling and unpredictable costs is the nirvana. MatrixStore object storage deployed as a managed service (MaaS), private or hybrid cloud storage provides super fast access to the entire archive coupled with a cost-effective and predictable financial roadmap.

7. My operational costs relating to storage are too high – primarily staff costs

Silos of storage isolated for individual workflows and legacy offline media libraries take time and expertise to manage. When studied most of those workflows can be consolidated into one management free private or hybrid cloud storage platform thus freeing up staff to work on tasks that add value to the business.

8.I feel the valuable time is unwisely used managing media and storage pools

 Media managers often spend an inordinate amount of time fielding requests for content to be served up from the archive. Storage administrators also feel that pain as they maintain the various locations on which that content resides. Providing a single, unified, interface directly to producers and editors so that they can use to find, browse and share content from a self-managing and highly secure storage platform brings instant operational benefits.

9. I am completely tied into a single vendor and need to be more future proof

Historically creative workflows were owned end-to-end by a single vendor. The benefits of having “one throat to choke” in the event of an outage are clear but often those companies simply cannot keep up with the pace of technology change when it comes to storage. Adding non-proprietary and future proof 3rd party storage products like MatrixStore into the mix helps solve tactical and strategic challenges whilst enabling our customers to reduce their reliance on a single vendor. It really is a win win.

10. I am fed up with platforms becoming obsolete and being held to ransom by my data

When a company “has you by the data” it’s almost like ransomware. Migrating from old storage platforms or tape formats takes time, expertise and resources. More than that, the data belongs to you and not your vendor! Your data and metadata should remain portable To be able to move it wherever and whenever you want to. MatrixStore object storage has given our customers this freedom. Their data belongs to them. Not us.

11. I don’t feel I have the right storage platform, surely there must be something better?

Sometimes it is easier to stick with what you have. The fear of moving platforms into the unknown holds many companies, and individuals back. Object Matrix has been around since 2003 and we have been working with the extreme innovators through to the more traditional and cautious. We would be more than happy to introduce you to our customer community so you can find out how they have benefited from taking the plunge into the amazing world of MatrixStore object storage.

12. I don’t have a strategic relationship with my vendors, I just get what they think I need

As mentioned above, we have spoken to many customers seduced by special introductory offers from the big named generalist IT suppliers. “Nobody has ever got fired for buying from …” etc. Turns out their solutions doesn’t suit media workflows so after months or years adapting your workflow to their technology they become expensive doorstops. We’ve all seen those boxes in the corner of obsolete or useless hardware!

One of the reasons Object Matrix continues to grow in the video industry is that our company is only focused on the video industry.

Sure, our object storage and digital content governance platforms are completely horizontal and could service any industry but back in 2008, we decided to focus on a niche. And, the video was that niche. What does it mean to our customers? For one, everyone in the OM office understands the market we work in, understands the challenges our customers face and understands the language. Many of the generalist suppliers may only have one video specialist to cover West or East. That’s not West or East coast that’s West or East of the globe!

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About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award-winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. Our purpose is to enable global collaboration, increase operational efficiencies and empower creativity. Through the deployment of MatrixStore, the On-Prem and Hybrid Cloud storage platforms, their focus on the media industry gives them a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when protecting, processing, and sharing video content. Our customers include BBC, Orange, France Televisions, BT TV, HBO, TV Globo, MSG-N, and NBC Universal.