The Challenge – Accessing Assets in the 4th Quarter with 5 seconds on

With the ongoing success of the Miami HEAT, there has been a surge in demand for a wider variety of content generated by the world renowned NBA franchise. The raw footage, created by HEATV, the team’s Media Production department, needs to be ingested and secured in a timely fashion in order to ensure a fast turnaround and distribution of the finished content.

Some of the challenges they faced in their Avid workflow includes:

  • How to protect content at the point of ingest using an affordable, scalable nearline storage platform.
  • How to manage various formats and wrappers during the ingest process.
  • How to create links between full resolution and low resolution content from within the Avid based production environment.
  • How to get instant access to digital archive when there is no time to find a tape.
  • How to ensure any new platform would be suitable for future Avid or non-Avid workflows.

Download the case study to discover how HEATV solved these challenges using integrated solutions from Object Matrix and GLOOKAST:

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