The Challenge of Guaranteeing Access to Assets in Fast Turnaround Workflows

Securing content in fast turnaround and high pressure environments (like live events with global audiences) can be a time consuming, stressful and a costly exercise. Providing simultaneous, instant access to that content from multiple teams with multiple workflows is another challenge altogether. Fox Sports, one of the fastest growing cable channels in Brazil, faced such a challenge from the International Broadcast Centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2014 World Cup Football tournament. The Fox team detailed some of the challenges they would face in order to be best prepared for the event:

  • Ensuring footage is guaranteed to be protected and verified.
  • Protecting and accessing content from more than one workflow. They did not want to purchase, manage and support disparate pools of cheap storage.
  • Time and a quick turn around paramount. Taking time out to manage the storage solution and perform digital preservation tasks was not an option.
  • Data should be instantly accessible from within the Avid Interplay environment.
  • The storage platform needed to automate the protection of the content and guarantee its availability.
  • The storage would, at some point, be required for other departments and workflows within Fox in Brazil; as such, the solution would need to provide a longer term return on investment.

It was evident to the Fox team that these requirement would not be suited to a storage platform with little or no workflow intelligence.

The Solution That Kept a Clean Sheet

After considering different options ranging from clustered and object storage solutions to adding more ISIS chassis, MatrixStore from Object Matrix was selected as the optimum solution.

To find out more about the solution at Fox Sports please click the PDF version of the case study below:

Fox Sport