The Customer Challenge

The Inspection Group within EDF Energy Generation is responsible for collecting inspection data when outages occur at any of the nuclear power plants owned by EDF Energy. The inspection data collected is wide ranging but the content that presents the most challenges to the team is the hours of file based video footage captured on site. The incumbent solution for management of video footage was manually intensive. Therefore, the initial objective was to automate the capture of the information where possible as well as making the assets more secure and less vulnerable to user and hardware failures. The secondary objective was to provide the ability to share the content with the appropriate and authorised personnel over the corporate network. The issues they faced included:

  • Recording, protecting and logging the content on several remote sites was largely a manual and paper based exercise
  • Locating data within a large library of media and formats was time consuming and not always successful
  • Migrating the data from format to format was both timely and error prone
  • Having the data in a static format on a shelf meant the data was not readily available to be analysed or reviewed
  • Complexity in protecting content in accordance with internal company policies
  • Sharing content with the wider business was slow and laborious

Find out how object storage based MatrixStore, from Object Matrix, provided an incremental approach to EDF Energy’s digital preservation and workflow needs:

EDF Energy Case Study