Object Matrix Announces MatrixStore Hybrid Storage Ahead of NAB New York 2019

Object Matrix Scoops Best Storage Award at NAB

Cardiff, Wales, 14th October 2019

Object Matrix, pioneers and leading provider of object storage to the media industry has announced it’s releasing a range of new Hybrid Cloud gateway packs ahead of NAB New York.

Having the right assets at the best place to use or store requires workflows that incorporate the operational efficiencies of both on-prem and cloud architectures. Having the right solution that makes managing that infrastructure seamlessly across both on-prem and cloud is required by media organisations across the globe. 

Object Matrix’s hybrid cloud solution is designed to meet the challenges faced by organisations that want to create, ingest, log, edit, distribute, share and archive content. The release of this offering is aimed at organisations who require hybrid workflows today for some or all of their nearline and archive content. However, the offering also applies to those organisations that have a view to buying on-prem today, but who wish to incorporate public cloud workflows at a later date. 

Object Matrix’s media focused solutions also act as a gateway to any organisation wanting to move away from their legacy platforms to a more secure, manageable and modern solution.

Benefits of Object Matrix’s hybrid storage packs include: 

  • Meeting the tactical & strategic needs stakeholders required to bring economic and operational benefits to its business

  • Integrated workflows that combine performance, security with scale and global reach giving organisations flexibility and global collaboration opportunities

  • Empowering teams to be more creative and add value to the organisation rather than spend time managing or finding data

The hybrid cloud gateway packs coming in sizes from 144TB to 20PB. The solution price comes in under $100/TB including all software, hardware and first-year support. The hybrid appliances enable organisations to concentrate on the elements that drive value into their business, whilst providing long term predictable and commercial road maps and costs. 

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About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. Our on-prem and hybrid cloud storage solutions bring operational and financial benefits to our customers by securely managing content at every stage of its lifecycle; from ingest and nearline to archive and distribution. Deployed where you need it, our technology is non-proprietary, integrates into existing workflows, enabling you to work locally and share globally.

Our flexible approach, coupled with our focus on the media industry, means that our customers can trust us to deliver the solution they need. Our domain expertise, solutions and world class support are tailored to meet the growing demands faced when creating, archiving and sharing media content. Customers include: BBC, Orange, France Televisions, BT, HBO, TV Globo, MSG-N and NBC Universal.