Parking and MatrixStore Provide New Cost-Effective Edit Sequence Archive and Restore Solution

Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, and Object Matrix, a leading developer of media archive systems, have announced a joint technology partnership. The two companies are providing a new cost-effective solution for broadcast and post-production workflows, using Marquis’ Parking archive and retrieval software and Object Matrix’ MatrixStore near-line archive system. Powered by Marquis Broadcast’s Media Highway Technology, the new development takes advantage of Parking’s easy to use edit sequence archive and restore functionality and MatrixStore’s secure, cost efficient near-line storage.

Users are able to move entire sequences, including edit decisions, subclips and metadata, from dedicated Avid or Final Cut Pro storage to the MatrixStore environment in a simple one-click process. No specialist knowledge of storage or archive management systems is required. At any time in the future, sequences, together with all metadata including essence and edit decisions, can be retrieved and dropped directly into the editing system.

The joint development offers a number of significant benefits to broadcasters and post-production companies, for example, workflow efficiency and resource management are improved as valuable online edit storage is freed up. The process of archiving is fast and easy as Parking wraps the sequence elements and metadata into a standard TAR file as they are transferred to MatrixStore. Similarly, the process of file restore is also fast and efficient as Parking eliminates the need to re-ingest and conform media before editing can begin. Furthermore, by providing easy access to media, the Parking/MatrixStore system provides customers with a very productive and flexible working environment. This means that more time is made available for the creative processes and therefore the final product is often of a higher quality.

“We are delighted to be working with Object Matrix,” said Granby Patrick, Technology Director, Marquis Broadcast. “Customers are always looking for ways to improve the cost efficiency of their broadcast and creative workflows while maintaining a flexible approach to resource management. We believe that the Parking/MatrixStore solution will improve workflow efficiency by simplifying the storage and retrieval of content, giving users the ability to respond to their customers’ requirement quickly and easily.”

The View from OM

As I mention in the press release we are delighted to be working with the team at Marquis. The ‘ecosystem’ around MatrixStore is expanding allowing customers to ensure their content is protected from ingest to archive using existing systems in their workflows.