Object Matrix and Marquis Broadcast Offer Takes the Bite Out of BIT

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Marquis Promotes BIT Show Deal with Object Matrix

14th May 2014: Marquis Broadcast, the specialist in content workflows and media integration software is promoting its relationship with Object Matrix by offering a special BIT Broadcast show deal for its Project Parking and MatrixStore solution sold through reseller Datos. MatrixStore and Project Parking bundles purchased during, and within 30 days of, the International Audio-Visual Technology Trade Show in Madrid held on 20-22 May, will qualify for a 10% discount on the complete solution.

Marquis’ archive and retrieve solution Project Parking works with Object Matrix’ MatrixStore, a disk-based nearline and archive storage solution, designed to protect both video content and metadata in video workflows, to create a complete solution to allow easy archiving and access to media assets.

Marquis’ Project Parking offers a fast and cost-effective archive and restores process by creating a complete copy of any Avid project and media onto any storage device. By providing a simple vehicle for archiving all media associated with a project, Project Parking enables Avid users to archive complete projects safely, quickly and easily between systems within the same facility or between sites. In combination with MatrixStore, designed to protect both video content and metadata in video workflows, the combined solution allows easy archiving and access to media assets.

Ben Miles, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast, confirms:

“With more content saved in more formats than ever before, easy access to media assets is an on-going challenge for facilities. The combination of Project Parking and MatrixStore offers an economical answer to archiving and storing file-based content as it can free-up expensive shared storage by creating portable projects which can be stored off-line. Parked projects also provide significant advantages for disaster recovery procedures, business continuity and inter-site workflows. Archiving and subsequent access to stored media becomes a straight-forward task,”

The solution will be demonstrated on Datos’ booth 6D28at the BIT Broadcast show.

For further information see: www.marquisbroadcast.com

About Marquis Broadcast

Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today’s fast-paced broadcasting environments, enabling broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. The company has considerable experience in integrating an extensive range of broadcast systems and devices, providing easy to use workflows via Medway, its widely installed interoperability engine. www.marquisbroadcast.com

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix are a Welsh (UK) manufacturer of MatrixStore, a disk based ‘nearline’ and ‘archive’ storage solution that has been designed specifically to protect both video content and metadata in video workflows. Broadcasters and post facilities alike in AVID, Adobe, Autodesk and Apple workflows are choosing MatrixStore to protect their file based content and keep it available throughout the production process. Customers include Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, the BBC, BT, UTV, TV2, Gorilla Post and Sumners.