Object Matrix and Cloudfirst Partner to Provide Software Defined Archives with Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Object Matrix and Cloudfirst Partner to Provide Software Defined Archives with Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Toronto, Canada, and Cardiff, Wales, January 29th 2019

Object Matrix and Cloudfirst have announced an integration to enable their Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform across a wide range of storage platforms: from LTO, to Object Matrix’s MatrixStore, and to public cloud.

MatrixStore, the media-focused hybrid cloud solution from Object Matrix and Cloudfirst’s SDA makes it easy for media companies to de-risk implementing their cloud strategy. As well as software defining (virtualising) the hardware storage stack the solution provides SMB, NFS, S3, FC (SCSI) and native access through a global namespace spanning all storage tiers and technologies.

The combined solution also allows for built-in automated background migration of content from legacy LTO archives to newer storage platforms. Because of the software virtualisation, current workflows can be seamlessly maintained during the migration period.

MatrixStore allows media companies to better organise and exploit their archives. It ensures stored content is secure, protected and indexed. Thus providing easy and instant access to content at all times. As a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution, MatrixStore allows the user to control the assets and the types of assets (e.g. low res and high res) that are kept on-prem and/or in a public cloud solution, along with providing modern browser based views of those assets.

Cloudfirst helps the world’s largest and most innovative content creators, owners and custodians analyse, plan and execute their long-term digital asset storage, archive and preservation objectives. Cloudfirst’s Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform, is a fully media aware and metadata-driven unified storage abstraction layer that gives users unified access to all storages, no matter whether legacy, cloud, or on-premise.

Brian Campanotti, President and CEO of Cloudfirst commented:

“The integration of MatrixStore with our unified storage orchestration platform de-risks the move to private or hybrid cloud environments while maximising the ability of media companies to re-use existing infrastructure and reduce costs.”

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix, added:

“Large broadcasters are looking for unified interfaces from companies that understand their unique workflows. The result is an integration that fits well in the broadcast infrastructure and is flexible to adapt to evolving requirements.”

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award winning UK based software company that pioneered Digital Content Governance (DCG), object storage and the modernisation of digital video workflows. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud solutions are tightly integrated into file based and IP workflows and bring economic and operational benefit to all of our customers. Our flagship product, MatrixStore, is used by the world’s largest organisations that create and distribute video content, including NBC, TV Globo, MSG-N, the BBC & BT.

About Cloudfirst

Cloudfirst is a global end-to-end services and solutions provider leading transformational innovation in the area of next-generation, massive-scale digital archives. Founded in 2017 by the former CTO of Oracle (Front Porch Digital) and founder of Masstech with more than two decades of proven success conceiving, designing, building and deploying the world’s largest digital archive environments. Our advanced Software Defined Archive (SDA) platform is leading the Digital Archive [r]evolution, managing and protecting some of the largest digital asset collections in the world. Our next-generation SDA solution enables cognitive (metadata-driven) management of your assets regardless of whether your strategic vision is focused on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid. Our team of experts and advanced tools will manage your transition from your legacy archive to your next-generation digital archive platform and into the future.