Ingest Workflow

Centralparq’s Mediadoq was developed to simplify and automate the ingest process of media. Centralparq’s browser-based tools let users decide where they wish to send content, add and share metadata at any time, and work together with powerful tools.

The Mediadoq devices transfer material from carriers and make this material available for edit suites faster and simpler than ever before. As soon as a digital carrier is inserted into a Mediadoq, the original material is automatically transferred to the correct edit location.

One of the options in this workflow, that is realized together with Object Matrix, is the deferred ingest workflow. The deferred ingest feature allows users to manage their ingest process, ensuring optimum use of premium edit storage. The unique combination with Object Matrix gives the user the opportunity to store the ingested media temporarily on a connected Matrixstore.

This media can be stored for a period of time and can be copied to the edit storage on a selected date and time, transferring only the content that you really need, when you really need it.

While the media is stored on the Matrixstore, the user also has the possibility to make a selection of the clips that need to be copied to the edit storage. This way only the media that is necessary for edit, will be stored on the edit storage.

Key benefits:

  • Fully automated ingest process using Centralparq’s Mediadoq
  • Realize a deferred ingest process using the Matrixstore
  • Optimize your use of expensive online (edit) storage by storing media temporarily on the Matrixstore until it’s needed for edit
  • Only transfer content that you really need, when you really need it
  • Specify which clips you need to copy, from Matrixstore to edit storage

Check out the workflow in more detail by clicking on the PDF below.