Object Matrix and Active Circle Integrate Nearline and Long Term Archive Workflows

Cardiff (UK), Paris (France), UK 8th July 2013 – Object Matrix the Cardiff based provider of trusted nearline storage has today announced a partnership with Paris based Active Circle, provider of long term archive solutions for digital video workflows.

The technology partnership between Object Matrix and Active Circle has been driven by shared existing and potential customers demanding the provision of an integrated archive offering. The desire to work toward an elegantly integrated solution was also born out of a mutual respect for the complementary benefits that the two digital preservation platforms bring to each other.

Some of the benefits of the combined solution are:

  • Ingest or park any file based content into the Object Matrix nearline storage platform using the DropSpot application
  • Add meaningful metadata at the time of ingest
  • Define data copy or movement policies from MatrixStore to the LTO based Active Circle archive
  • Search and browse Proxies of the media that resides in MatrixStore or in Active Circle using the Active Media Explorer

Active Circle is a solution for storing, preserving and accessing large volumes of digital files. Active Circle solutions are software-based, able to leverage any storage technology or vendor, provide storage virtualization on disk and tape, and scale from small to multi-petabyte environments. The Active Media Explorer is a media-oriented user interface for searching, browsing and retrieving digital archives.

“Object Matrix and Active Circle have been engaged in conversation around providing an integrated solution for quite some time. We recognised early on that customers require more than just a RAID device to act as their nearline or cache before content is moved to deeper archive mediums. The Active Circle team share a common view that integrated solutions provide mutual benefit to customers and manufacturers alike. ” stated Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.

“We are, needless to say, very happy to be working with the Active Circle team” he added.

MatrixStore has been designed specifically to protect video and metadata content in any file based video workflow. It is trusted by broadcasters and post facilities to protect content at ingest, to secure ongoing projects on a secure and scalable nearline platform and also to make content available for distribution or re-use.

“Active Circle and Object Matrix share the vision of a media archive integrated with workflows and applications. Our Active Media Explorer takes care of indexing all the media files whatever the archive location and even if this archive location is not managed by Active Circle. Indeed, we provide a single media-oriented interface that crosses the various archive locations to provide a unified view of the media content. By integrating our solutions, we get the best of nearline archive on disk and deep archive on LTO tape, with a unified interface.” says Philippe Boyon, Active Circle.

The integrated solution will be available for demonstration at IBC 2013.


About Active Circle

Active Circle provides software solutions for storing, preserving and sharing large-scale flows of digital assets in the Media, Science and Imaging sectors. Active Circle’s vision goes beyond the current trend of specialized scale-out solutions for storing large and growing amounts of data. Active Circle software is industry-smart: it handles industry-specific data formats, provides optimizations and user-oriented interfaces. It integrates deeply into applications to simplify their workflows and to provide an unlimited space to store, archive and share data.