Object Matrix Adds Brains to EVS Workflows

Cardiff, 21st August 2014:

Object Matrix, leading developer of trusted object based archive systems today announces the availability of new content processing technology, updates to it’s Avid Interplay archive plugin and new deep archive workflows.


Object Matrix offers secure, scalable and affordable nearline storage for organisations with EVS infrastructure. As the deluge of digital content continues, providers of live event footage are looking to protect archive footage on a platform that provides instant access to historical clips from within the EVS portfolio of applications. Access to content is via IPDirector using the Object Matric hub product. Beta testing has been completed with a leading European sports producer who has placed an order for an additional 10gigE connected MatrixStore cluster to satisfy new EVS work that has been secured. More details to be released at IBC. Case Study with Input Media:- http://www.matrixstore.net/2014/07/31/input-media-upgrades-matrixstore-for-evs/

Introducing MatrixStore PiP (Process in Place)

MatrixStore from Object Matrix has been designed to process data, in place, where it lives. MatrixStore clusters combine multiple nodes, consisting of CPU and storage, providing a self-managing digital preservation platform. The added advantage of using intelligent nodes is that the CPU can be used for other tasks when the core digital preservation work has been completed. Those tasks can range from automated metadata extraction to detailed data analysis. MatrixStore PiP (Process in Place) is the framework provided to perform tasks on data without moving the data around. PiP utilises the power of the MatrixStore cluster to perform the processing where the data lives.

The first implementation of the PiP framework is based on the extraction of metadata from standard video formats. The first of which is the AS11-DPP format.


move2 is a simple deep archive application that uses the MatrixStore API to quickly copy data between various storage platforms and MatrixStore. move2 watches MatrixStore vaults and moves content to deep archive media (LTO or optical) based on simple rules and policies. To move content onto LTO or ODA move2 is integrated with the 3rd party providers or deep archiving platforms such as SGL and XenData.

It is possible to restore and check the status of archived content using DropSpot of InterConnet from Object Matrix.

InterConnect Updates

The popular InterConnect application for keeping Avid Interplay assets available on the MatrixStore nearline storage platform has also been updated. Recently added functionality includes:

  • More status information available in Interplay Access
  • Archive to LTO/ODA via move2
  • Restore from LTO/ODA via move2


All the new functionality, products and workflows are available from IBC in September 2014. To learn more about these announcements please contact your local Object Matrix representative.


About Object Matrix

Established in 2003, Object Matrix is a software company based in Cardiff, Wales, dedicated to the development of advanced, secure file-based systems for the broadcast and post-production industry. Its flagship product, MatrixStore, is used by national broadcasters, Hollywood studios, and content creators, worldwide. Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration and support services.