• 13 September 2018

Neil Blake – Object Matrix Visionary

Neil Blake Consultant

Neil Blake – Object Matrix Visionary

Neil Blake – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

Neil Blake – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


Neil Blake has been working in the Broadcast industry since 1984, starting in a post-production house in Edinburgh. He has worked as a VT recordest, sound engineer, video editor and systems designer before moving to product marketing at Pinnacle systems then Avid. After Avid he started a consultancy business working with a number of clients including Imagen, Object Matrix, Axle and Marquis Broadcast. Having so much hands-on experience allows Blake to really understand the ever-changing needs of the broadcast and post-production industries.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

I first met Nick and Jon from Object Matrix around 10 years ago when I was at Avid. My role there was Technology Partner Manager, this made me the key contact for any European technology partners who wanted to work with and integrate to Avid products. One of my jobs was to evaluate the potential benefits to our customers of any 3rd party integrations, a kind of gatekeeper to ensure value and quality for suggested workflows. This was the first time anyone had talked about object storage, the more Nick and Jon spoke of what they could offer in terms of workflows cost of ownership and of course security it was clear they had something special to offer our joint customers. Over the years I have spent a lot of time with Nick, Jon and all the team at OM in Cardiff, if I was to choose one word to describe the group there it would be: passionate. Everyone I met at OM how I have met are committed to ensuring their customers at delighted with their OM products. At customer events, it is apparent that these customers are very happy with what they have, not only from a technology viewpoint but from the personal relationships Nick and the team have created. 

Object Matrix Comment

We met Neil in 2008, a decade ago when the cost of our solution was £1300 a terabyte (It is now less than £100 btw 😉 ) .

At the time Neil was working for Avid roving Europe supporting customers and searching for partners that could meet the challenges thier customers were facing and that would also be good strategic fit as an Avid partner.

Neil not only saw that object storage was the future but that tight integrations were key. He, like us, believed that you need to bring disruption to the market in a non-distruptive manner. With that in mind Neil helped us to get a certified integration with Avid Interplay PAM (Now MediaCentral) which in turn helped us to scale our at customers like the BBC.

When Neil left Avid is started the first of his two short spells working at OM. His connections across Europe, his knowledge of file based workflows and their benefits were invaluable.

Again, to work well with OM you need a similar DNA or ethos for working with people. Neil is committed, passionate about tech and a great person to spend time with.