• 5 September 2018

Neil Anderson – Object Matrix Visionary

Neil Anderson – Object Matrix Visionary

Neil Anderson – Object Matrix Visionary

Neil Anderson – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

How I Met Object Matrix

Neil Anderson has been involved in M&E storage technology for nearly 20 years, every generation of RAID, SAN, NAS, optical disk, data tape and object storage technology, which began when he first met the Object Matrix guys over a decade ago.

As media clients began to move away from shooting on film and video tape, to file based workflows, they increasingly preferred to manage disk-based archives, rather than LTO tape-based ones. That’s where Neil gained real traction with MatrixStore and Object Matrix, as his preferred object storage vendor.

Object Matrix’s first customer was a major ad agency client of Neil’s and since then we have worked together with Neil on many successful projects, including at The Guardian, Deutsche Bank and UBS.

You can connect with Neil Anderson on LinkedIn: Link

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

Object Matrix developed the first object storage solution for M&E, years before anyone else entered the market. In fact, Nick and I always joke that they were FAR too early to market, when we all had to field questions like “what’s object storage?” and “what’s an API?!”

The Object Matrix team are also a great bunch, the nicest storage company I’ve ever worked with!

Object Matrix Comment

We met our buddy Neil way back in 2006 (his memory is as bad as his choice in duffle coats) and it was clear we would get on. Neil has the ability to cut through a lot of unnecessary dialogue and often comes straight to the point. You may not like his opinion at times but he does not give it freely and it is based on 20 years of working experience in the creative industries. His advice, support and guidance over the years has been instrumental in our growth in the Apple and Adobe marketplace.

Also very proud that we were part of the NMR story that Neil worked so hard on to create and grow.
Cheers Neil from all of us.