Sought an efficient and reliable solution to a large data problem

NBC Universal Sought an efficient and reliable solution to a large data problem

1. Tell us a little bit about NBC Universal

NBCU is a global media creator and distributor. Spanning TV and film, it is one of the major players in the field.

2. What problems were you facing that set out to solve?

We were holding a large amount of data, but in an inefficient way. I wanted to sort that.

3. How long have you had your MatrixStore and how is it used?

We’ve had it a year, and it is used as our mezzanine storage platform.

4. Has it worked as expected, better than expected or not as expected?

It has worked perfectly.

5. How do you rate MatrixStore for protecting your data?

The reliability of the platform is excellent, I feel confident that our media is well protected.

6. How much time do you spend Managing MatrixStore?

We don’t have to spend much time managing OM, it is straightforward, and works well.

7. How do you rate Object Matrix as an organisation to deal with?

OM have been a joy to work from start to finish. Personal service always seems to be available.

8. How do you plan to use MatrixStore in the future?

We will continue as we are, and expand capacity as soon as we need it.

9. Comment on overall experience working with Object Matrix:

It’s been a pleasure working with OM, professionally they have been exceptional, socially they have been top drawer.

10. Who is the Object Matrix Stig?

The #omstigimp is George Osborne. It was a bet that he lost with Nick about the recession.