NABSPORTS 2014: Bloodless Fun and Games and Lots of Pizza

Back on April the 7th we, Object Matrix and friends (see below), hosted the 2nd annual NABSPORTS event in Las Vegas Nevada. Some details:

  • Number of participants: 36 in the end after several beer induced absences
  • Average Age: 40+
  • Demographic: Sweaty middle aged men from across the globe plus Bridget
  • Spectators: 8
  • Nationalities: 9
  • Sports Played: Dodgeball, football and a tiny bit of touch rugby
  • Best Goal: That man from Brazil Rafa
  • 2nd Best Goal: That lady from Focal Point Server .. Bridget
  • Best Goalies: Neil, the cat, the sweary hairy cat. Christophe of France Land
  • Best Take out in Dodgeball: Another CISer … Robson (see pics for flash of yellow .. took two out catching by two balls in impressively quick succession)
  • Best Take out in football: Golden Balls Wheatley on Fred. Sickening clearance ball straight into Freds’ head. Stayed down 2 minutes too long for my liking… #playingToTheCrowd ?
  • 2nd Best Take out in Fooseball: Rafa on our Mark Andrews. Up and running about in no time due to his fine British upbringing (see vid)
  • Scariest Person: our Gav ( No arguments
  • Most Cheating French Person: Mr Gachot (look for the blur on the far left ..
  • Most Whingy Nationality: Portu… none this time .. surprisingly ?
NAB Sport 2014

More images here: Object Matrix Flickr

Many thanks again to the sponsors of the event:

  • Object Matrix
  • Vidispine
  • Tradefair UK
  • Forbidden Tech
  • Cambridge Imaging
  • Glookast
  • AA Media Group

Join the LinkedIn group to check for updates on IBCSPORTS this September in Amsterdam!

See you all next year!