Monday 18th April saw the 4th running of NAB Sports.

Held at the excellent Las Vegas Longevity health centre, a ‘healthy’ distance from the distractions of the strip, the event provides an excellent opportunity to play sport with friends, vendors, resellers, broadcasters and competitors. Apart from maybe a small toe injury I am glad to report that once again the event is injury free!

60 people registered for 50 places and in the end just under 36 people made the effort to take kit to Vegas, excuse themselves from last minute meetings, jump in the most random limos ever and spend a little under two hours playing 5-a-side football and the now infamous dodgeball.
NAB Sport 2016, Las Vegas: DodgeBall - Object Matrix
Some details:
  • Number of participants: 30 in the end after yet more margarita induced absences.
  • Average Age: 40+
  • Demographic: Sweaty middle-aged men from across the globe plus Amy and Cécilia. The demographic is improving! Two more ladies did register but sadly had to withdraw. Next time!
  • Spectators: 6.
  • Nationalities: 10 (From Wales to Chile, Sweden, Spain and beyond).
  • Sports Played: Dodgeball, football, pizza eating and a tiny bit of kicking a rugby ball
  • Most Pizza Slices Eaten at Half Time: 6, a pizza, probably by me.
  • Person most resembling a Musketeer: There’s only one Miguel Paixão.
  • Best Goal: Tough call. Some real corkers. Would say those from Fred, John or Kristof from our games. Word from the street is that Nuno was the pick of the bunch from the other games.
  • Best Goalies: Phil Mitchell himself, the UK SAFfer, Jason from Forbidden who used his natural shapes to stop anything coming his way! Also a shout out to another Forbidden employee the super talented Amy for her cat-like skills on front of the net.
  • Best Dodgeballer: Our Francisco. Without doubt.
  • Best Take Out in football: Much like 2014, it is our uber competitive, but fair, Golden Balls Wheatley himself on Mr Smith of Sony land. Super powerful shot ball straight into Nick’s midriff. Doubled Nick over whilst emitting a shriek only a man from Abergavenny can be proud of. If I had not been laughing so much the ball would not have rolled passed me into the net.
  • 2nd Best Take out in Football: Jon Morgan. On himself, last minute of the last game. Slipped, rolled on his leg and it looked like it was all over.. gladly not.
  • Most Cheating French Person: Mr Gachot. For attending an Aspera event instead of beating up people on the pitch as usual.
  • Most Whingy Nationality: 4th year running it’s the Portu… no, not really. 😉

Many thanks again to the sponsors of the event:

  • Object Matrix
  • Vidispine
  • Tradefair UK
  • Forbidden
  • Imagen
  • Glookast
  • Sony PSE

Thanks again to all involved for making this a very special event. Join the LinkedIn group to check if IBC SPORTS this September in Amsterdam is a goer!

NAB Sport 2016, Las Vegas: DodgeBall - Object Matrix