• 11 March 2019


NAB SPORTS 2019 – Dodgeball, Fooseball and maybe some rugby


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(Dodgeball, foosball and maybe some rugby)

The Welsh Dodgeball Association of Wales is proud to invite you to the annual NAB Sports event in Las Vegas Nevada!!

Once again Object Matrix and friends (see below for the list of generous sponsors) will be hosting an event of sports, pizza and fizzy drinks (followed by beers if anyone manages to stay awake this time round).

We will follow the format as last year with the following sports:

  • Foosball (soccer,football). 4 teams of 10 (mixed abilities!)
  • Dodgeball (of course)
  • There will be a rugby ball floating round also for those with any energy left!


Date: Monday 8th April
Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
Transport: Taxis and Limos from outside South Hall (Lower) SL5821
Venue: Longevity Sports Center 5975 Topaz St. Las Vegas, NV 89120
Free. Sponsored by Object Matrix, Vidispine, Tradefair & Extreme Reach.
Who attends?: Vendors, resellers, customers
The aim of the event is to spend some time with mates and make new ones. Whilst the sports are competitive we ask that you leave your bone crunching tackles and the devil within you at the door. The cost of injury in the USA is just not worth it!

At your own risk innit

By joining us at the event you are accepting that you are taking part in the activities at your own risk and that none of the organising or sponsoring parties can be held responsible for any injury or loss.
Disclaimer forms will need to be signed on the evening.


Having your own appropriate insurance cover is essential. You can organise group or individual sports group insurance should you not want to take the risk. Most work policies to not cover sports and the cost of medical in the USA is well known to be high whereas the insurance cover is relatively cheap! Check with your employer and or your own personal insurance else Google it.

Sponsors (If you would also like to sponsor the event please do get in touch!)

  1. Object Matrix
  2. Vidispine
  3. Tradefair
  4. Extreme Reach


About Object Matrix

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