NAB 2011 Review

After a couple of weeks of recovery and reflection I pronounce NAB 2011 a great success, at least from an Object Matrix point of view that is! For the first time we took a small booth in the South Hall which, not only allowed us to demo our product and get a visible OM presence, but also enabled us to actually arrange and attend lots of meetings, something which is normally a painful process involving heading to and from the Renaissance hoping to get a table in the bar area. Our little stand packed down into two cases which we put into the hold as luggage and after saying some magic words transformed into a very useful demo station. Big thanks again to the genius that is Customised Sheet Metal (who also built our stand at BVE) for the sterling work. Some pics:

Nearline and Interplay

We met with a lot of end users who all seem to be encountering similar storage problems. In the main, they were looking for scalable nearline storage that they don’t have to manage and costs less than an additional SAN chassis. Oh, and they need to find stuff as well. We recently announced InterConnect plugin which provides an Archive Manager-less archive for AVID Interplay also went down very well. People like simple and cost-effective solutions.

Reseller Reach

The aim of attending the show was to reach out to the European reseller network and their end customers. Europeans tend to attend NAB en mass and as such makes it the perfect place to do business with them. It was great to meet and sign up new dealers from Germany, Spain, and the Nordics. Great to spend time with the UK and Irish resellers out there also, life is never dull with the teams from NMR, Tyrell, and Root6.

We also had the opportunity to meet Alexei (our Australian Distributor) in person and also his resellers in Vegas, our presence in the Australasian region is set to grow this year. NAB is also an opportunity to meet with Lucas, a customer turned to friend and now reseller who is based in Brazil. We see Brazil as one of the key markets for storage in 2011/12 and are very happy that we will be working with Lucas and Patrick to promote and sell MatrixStore in the region.

As a direct result of attending NAB in this way, there are now more global outlets selling MatrixStore technology.

Tech Friends

Along with our friends from Cantemo and Vidispine we demonstrated the bundled Media Asset Management and Digital Archiving solution to resellers, tech partners, and end users. The response was very positive and we look forward to carrying out the many promised online demos in the following weeks. Nice to spend time with the clever Swedes.

Sharing stand space with the GBLabs team was also an experience! A great one. Ben, Dom and the team are achieving well-deserved success across Europe and more recently Australia for their Space SAN solution.

Blogger Harris

Had my annual dinner/drinks with Robin ‘storagemojo‘ Harris who has been a supporter of Object Matrix for almost as long as his blog has been in existence. We wish Robin another successful 5 years with StorageMojo and look forward to next years installment. Also had the great pleasure of meeting Steve Foskett and Curtis Preston, both very nice people from storage blog/twit land. I look forward to welcoming them to Wales one day though I think I upset Curtis by commenting that he looked younger and more welcoming in person than his more conservative looking blog picture. I guess to be Mr. Backup you need to look serious ;-).

The view from OM

If in doubt. Get a stand. We will be there next year, and IBC and BVE and … and ….. and ……..

Our accommodation was OK this year. Ballys is on the monorail and pretty central. Rooms were clean even if some of its dwellers were not.

Best breakfast goes to the Renaissance. Simple and tasty despite the wait. Breakfast at Hash House a Go Go was, well, different. And yes he did finish those waffles, and the pancakes… 😉