• 29 October 2020

MSG Networks Replaces LTO Archive with MatrixStore Local Cloud Expansion

MSG Networks replaces LTO Archive with MatrixStore Local Cloud Expansion

MSG Networks Replaces LTO Archive with MatrixStore Local Cloud Expansion

MSG Networks Replaces LTO Archive with MatrixStore Local Cloud Expansion 1024 576 Object Matrix
Object Matrix, the leading provider of object storage solutions to the media industry has today announced that New York-based MSG Networks has implemented 5 petabytes of MatrixStore Local Cloud storage to replace its incumbent LTO archive.

Since implementing MatrixStore Local Cloud, the award-winning storage solution, to provide business continuity and disaster recovery capability in 2018, MSG Networks has decided to further extend the platform in order to migrate their legacy archive away from LTO.

“The ability to quickly access content from the archive is becoming increasingly important to us, and sports broadcasters in general, and as such it became imperative to implement a private cloud storage platform that ensures authorized users can access all of the archive all of the time,” stated Belinda Binkley, VP MSG Networks Engineering. “Our experience working with Object Matrix gave us confidence that growing the footprint of our existing MatrixStore Cloud object storage platform would provide us with the capabilities we require to share historical footage from the archive with our community,” Belinda added.

MatrixStore Cloud is a media-focused storage solution that was built on Object Storage technology. It allows media companies to keep content secure and protected, whilst ensuring easy access and discoverability at all times. It also provides scale, security and future proof access to both content and metadata.

“Sports broadcasters face growing challenges around the monetisation of archived content. To do that, they require storage platforms that can deliver that content on demand with minimal total cost of ownership thus bringing intrinsic operational and financial benefits. Traditional archive methods do not provide the speed of access required, which is why organisations like MSG Networks are implementing private cloud storage platforms to satisfy their consumer and workflow demands,” says Nick Pearce, co-founder of Object Matrix. “We are delighted that MSG Networks chose to add additional workflows that will ensure that their amazing archive can be shared with their global community.”

Object Matrix has helped many customers including MSG Networks and the BBC gain instant access to sports archive content since 2010. The company’s solutions are used by sports teams, associations and broadcasters in a variety of workflows from nearline and backup workflows to implementing business continuity strategies.

Object Matrix is represented in the US by CineSys who designed, implemented and continue to support the MatrixStore private cloud installation at MSG Networks.

Brent Angle, CTO, CineSys; “MSG Networks continue to be pioneering adopters of sports technology that bring value to the business, introduce operational efficiencies and ultimately ensure their customers get the very best experience possible. Growing their MatrixStore Cloud Local object storage cluster to support the archive footage has been as seamless as predicted.”

The additional 5 petabytes of MatrixStore Local Cloud object storage brings the total storage capacity at MSG Networks to over 7 petabytes.