• 6 September 2018

Mike Fitchie – Object Matrix Visionary

Mike Fitchie Visionary

Mike Fitchie – Object Matrix Visionary

Mike Fitchie – Object Matrix Visionary 800 450 Object Matrix

Mike Fitchie – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


I’ve been involved with the media industry for over 25 years working as camera op, rigger, sound op, tech guru and token short hairy Welsh person. For the past 15 years, primarily working in the more ‘tech’ side of the game, focusing on post production workflow and solutions, with the odd dramatic crash from a mountain bike thrown in for good measure.

 Currently part of the Pre-Sales team at Jigsaw24 but you will probably have seen me either under a desk, halfway inside a rack, or in Louis’ Bar in Amsterdam.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

Through the years of working with Object Matrix, it has always been about the people and the kit. They care that their solution works for the customer, it’s not just about shifting tin. When you have a relationship like that with the manufacturer, it makes a huge difference. This has been at the core since the very beginning.

First Met

Way back in the day (exact year I’m not too sure, sometime back in the mid naughties), I went to a business centre in Wales to see a company about some storage that a friend (and customer) had heard about, could I go and have a look and see what it was all about… Not too sure what I was walking into, or what I was about to see, I boldly knocked the door and was greeted by Nick, introduced to Jon, then Franciso and Daniel offered a cup of tea and had expected to be there about 20 minutes. Three hours later I left the offices of Object Matrix with my head, and I think their heads spinning… it was the beginning, did they really have a truly accessible (but also with proven reliability), expandable, secure nearline storage solution? Was this a brand and product that people needed to know about? What were the possibilities? What have I just seen? How did I not know about them before – they’re on my doorstep!!!?? The rest is history, the product has evolved, the people are still there and the team has expanded, but the heart is the same, what more can I say….

Object Matrix Comment

When we decided to focus on the UK back in 2009 we sort of actually focused on Wales. You need to act locally but think globally and all that! At the time Mike was a partner in “The Picture Exchange”, a well respected Avid focused workflow solutions company. If you wanted to know about how Avid stuff worked, who to contact or what Avid customers needed then Mike was an invaluable partner to have. Mike was also instrumental in the development of our Avid based workflows which, inevitably, resulted in winning Mwnci (not Gorilla) as our first Avid customer.

There will always be a cuppa and a biscuit available for Mike at OM towers! Diolch Mike!