• 3 September 2021

Meet The Team! Employee Spotlight: Head of Development, Gareth Tucker

Employee Spotlight - Gareth Tucker

Meet The Team! Employee Spotlight: Head of Development, Gareth Tucker

Meet The Team! Employee Spotlight: Head of Development, Gareth Tucker 1024 576 Object Matrix

Welcome to the Second Instalment of our Employee Spotlight Series!

The global pandemic lockdown restrictions have prevented us from doing what we love the most – face to face meetings and networking. So instead, we are launching our employee spotlight series so you can still get to know us that little bit better. Grab yourself a cuppa and step into the lives of our lovely team at Object Matrix – next up is Gareth Tucker, Head of Development:

How long have you been with Object Matrix?

By the time that you read this, I will have been with Object Matrix for 4 years.

What does your job entail?

I manage the software development team on a daily basis and also have a very close relationship with Ops and QA. My job entails overseeing all features and fixes added to the MatrixStore and its associated applications. I am involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle, from design through to delivery, and also help to support our customers once deployed.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Delivering a long-awaited feature or fix is very satisfying, knowing that you have been able to make a difference to our customers that use the product day in, day out. Problem solving comes a very close second, ensuring our customers have continuity even when faced with a bug. It’s software, they do happen!

What is your proudest moment at Object Matrix?

Donning a tux and representing Object Matrix at an awards ceremony. We didn’t win on the night, unfortunately, but to be in the running is recognition for all the hard work put in to make MatrixStore what it is.

Tell us about a life experience that has influenced the way you approach work?

As a 20 year old entering your final year of university, you want to be on top form to come away with the best grade possible as you shape your future. During that year, I started to suffer from a sharp shooting pain down the back of my leg which progressively got worse, to the point where 2 hours of sleep was a luxury and sitting down for 30 minutes was unbearable. I was later diagnosed with Sciatica due to a bulging disc, but sadly that diagnosis came too late to help. With many long exams looming, the only thing I could do was try my best. I got my degree and it set me up to start my career as a Java Developer. Throughout all my working years, I have always tried my best at everything I do, giving everything that I have got. Tenacity and determination got me through those exams and applying that to the way I approach work has got me to where I am today. Take pride in what you do, always give 100% and never give up. Your efforts will be rewarded.

Describe Object Matrix in 3 words

Dedicated, Creative, Dynamic

What was your first job?

My first proper job was at a store called Virtual Reality in Cardiff, which was the computing arm of model shop Beatties. I started as a Saturday boy a few months before I turned 16 and as an avid gamer, it was my dream job. We had access to all the latest games and consoles and also had one of only a few Virtual Reality machines that existed at the time. Sadly, neither are around anymore but now you can have VR in your living room, how times have changed.

What are your top 3 life highlights?
  • Meeting my partner Sandie
  • Spending 10 nights on a remote island in the Maldives
  • Completing the 3 Peaks Challenge in under 24 hours, raising 25k for Tenovus
What is on your bucket list?

I never thought I would say this, but I have something in common with Pete… I too would like to build my own house.

What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

Superstar DJ of the bedroom DJ world… I dipped my toe in the water in my late teens, DJ’ing on a PC in the late ’90s when Trance music went boom. I quickly moved onto vinyl and ventured into the world of House music. Sadly, real life takes over and the DJ’ing took a back seat until last year. After a 6 year hiatus, I am back in the mix across a variety of genres including House, D&B and anything electronic that makes you want to dance. If this type of music floats your boat, head on over to Mixcloud and search for DJGT1.

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award-winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. It exists to enable global collaboration, increase operational efficiencies and empower creativity through deployment of MatrixStore, the on-prem, hybrid and cloud storage platform. Their unified deployment approach ensures content spans on-prem and cloud storage whilst their focus on the media industry gives them a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when protecting, processing and sharing video content. Customers include: NBC Universal, TV Globo, Warner Bros. Discovery, MSG, ATP and the BBC, to name but a few!

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