MatrixStore Reviews 4

Another update on previous reviews posts. Some nice commentary and articles here from customers and broadcast publications. Expect to see more customer testimonial content on this site very soon!


An Object Matrix customer put up a blog post about how MatrixStore and DropSpot simplified their ingest workflows and saves them time. Quote:

“We’ve invested in a MatrixStore, one of the best near-line storage systems money can buy”

M6 (in French)

Another Object Matrix customer created a video testimonial for us. If you speak French and need a secure nearline storage platform then take a look!

TVB Europe – The Workflow Files

Fantastic piece on the work Object Matrix did with BBC Studio and Post Production on the 2012 Strictly Come Dancing Series. The article explains how MatrixStore and DropSpot ensured the rushes were protected and searchable at all times during the process.

Broadcast Tech

Article from Neil Anderson explaining what is hot and selling well at NMR. Nice to see MatrixStore in there with a few of our technical partners.

History Channel

A nice short piece of happiness around the use of DropSpot from our friends at A&E Networks.

The view from OM

Sometimes getting testimonial content can be a real struggle, it is simply fantastic when a customer offers to do it for you or surprises you but publishing something without notice. We really appreciate the effort so thanks a lot!!