• 2 April 2014

MatrixStore Provides Searchable AS-11 Archive with Automated AS-11 Metadata Extraction

MatrixStore Provides Searchable AS-11 Archive with Automated AS-11 Metadata Extraction

MatrixStore Provides Searchable AS-11 Archive with Automated AS-11 Metadata Extraction 150 150 Object Matrix

Cardiff, 2th April 2014 – Object Matrix, leading developer of a trusted scalable object-based archive systems today launches an AS-11 search option to MatrixStore, its trusted nearline storage platform.

AS-11 is a new file specification standard created as a vendor-neutral subset of the MXF file format to use for the delivery of finished programming from program producers and program distributors to broadcasters. In the UK, the DPP (Digital Production Partnership – BBC, Channel 4, Sky, S4C, ITV, Channel Five and UKTV) require files delivered to UK broadcasters to be compliant with a specified subset of the new, internationally recognised AS-11 standard.

Secure digital preservation platforms that protect legacy assets are mandatory for organisations looking to preserve the inherent value of those assets. Back in the day important data has gone missing or cannot be found due to archaic archiving technologies and data management. The new functionality provided by Object Matrix enables organizations to find their content on-demand whilst knowing the essence of that content is being protected at the highest levels.

AS-11 and MXF Search

The new functionality allows finished or legacy content in the AS-11 format to be securely preserved in a MatrixStore vault with its associated metadata extracted for use later on when searching for the content. More generic MXF content will also be catered for.

The metadata is extracted automatically by the MatrixStore cluster using the power of the grid architecture to process data in place. This allows tens of thousands of files to be protected with no impact in performance by the metadata operations. Using the DropSpot forms interface searching for content is a simple keyword operation allowing content to be made available on demand.

Jon Morgan, MD, Object Matrix, stated:

“The strength of MatrixStore is to provide management free digital preservation of our customer’s data. From MD5 integrity checks on ingest to ongoing data verification throughout the lifetime of the data. Making MatrixStore AS-11 and MXF aware enables our customers to find their content with our without a media asset management interface. It, therefore, drives down the cost of managing, finding and re-using content on demand”

MatrixStore is a clustered object based digital preservation platform trusted by global broadcasters, banks, parliaments, utility and post-production companies. Its rich business rules functionality coupled with the ability to automatically extract embedded metadata sets it apart from other simple SAN and NAS offerings.


AS-11 search will be available for demonstration from immediately from Object Matrix and its worldwide network of business partners in July 2014. Existing customers can upgrade their clusters post launch which is expected to be at IBC in September 2014.