The revolutionary media-focused cloud storage platform that gives you instant access to your content via intuitive media interfaces and provides predictable commercials with no egress fees

MatrixStore Cloud is a storage platform that enables creative and production teams to self-serve access to content from work or remotely from anywhere.

It comes with intuitive media-focused interfaces that make protecting, finding, and sharing content straightforward, empowering creativity and collaboration between global teams.

Based on our award-winning MatrixStore object storage, MatrixStore Cloud is a highly secure platform. It can integrate with other media platforms and is cost-effective for both low and high volumes of media. There are no hidden costs or additional charges to access your data.

With MatrixStore Cloud, you will have all of the benefits of public cloud storage, with many more additional benefits and without any of the penalties.

Discover all the reasons to sign up to cloud and our list of prices

Did you know that MatrixStore Cloud…

is over 8x cheaper than public cloud
will give you savings of up to £16m over 5 years (based on 10PB)
will give you predictable costs, with fixed monthly/annual fees, and no additional penalties
will give you instant and unlimited self serve access to your content, from anywhere, at all times

MatrixStore Cloud Benefits

Enables self-serve access to your content with no reliance on technical teams, third-party platforms, or manual intervention

Massive cost savings compared to public cloud with all-inclusive raw storage costs, fixed annual fees, and no egress costs when accessing your data

Have complete confidence in where your data is stored and how it’s protected with full data provenance and sovereignty, disaster recovery to a second site, analytics, compliance, and user auditing built-in

Continuous and non-proprietary future proof access to your content with tight third party integrations, seamless scaling, and inclusive data movement to public cloud

Enable secure multi-departmental use from the same platform with unlimited user access

Effortlessly add additional MAM, workflow, and media orchestration functionality as and when you need to

What Does This Mean For Me?

  • Receive all of the benefits of MatrixStore object storage from Object Matrix, delivered as a managed service – anywhere
  • Ensures you have access to your content even if access to your building is restricted
  • Back up your on-premise storage for true business continuity provision
  • Enable continuous ‘self serve’ access to your content at all times
  • Far more cost-effective compared to public cloud with no unpredictable costs, no egress
  • No more budgeting for hardware purchases/refreshes and support contracts
  • Reduce your capex investment, reduce your onsite IT resource and maximise your time for core business activities
  • Forecast and predict future capacity
  • No user limits
  • Free up staff to work on tasks that add value to your business

Discover all the reasons to sign up to cloud and our list of prices

Want to Find Out More?

In our MatrixStore Cloud datasheet, we discuss the reasons for using cloud, how to sign up and give an extensive list of prices for our product. Why not check it out?

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