Object Matrix and Vidispine Announce Technology Partnership to Provide Frictionless Media Asset Management and Digital Asset Archiving.

Videspine Object Matrix Partner

Caerphilly, UK and Stockholm Sweden, 26th August 2010: Object Matrix, a leading developer of scalable archive systems and Vidispine, innovators in media asset management software, have announced a joint technology partnership. The two companies have collaborated to provide an integrated solution between the Vidispine Media Asset Management technology and Object Matrix’s intelligent disk-based archive system, MatrixStore.

Object-Matrix and Vidispine’s sophisticated integration is particularly appealing to the media and creative industries. The organisations in these industries are facing complex workflows that have to manage the process and deliver many hundreds of terabytes of digital content. Challenges include moving content across multiple disparate platforms and delivering content in a multitude of formats. Managing where content is and ensuring it is both protected and authentic has proven a very expensive problem to solve. The integration of Vidispine and MatrixStore goes a long way to solving many of those problems, allowing staff within those organisations to concentrate on core tasks that generate value for the business and not waste cycles managing data. The solution set also allows content to be accessed and used by RESTful (Web APIs) so that customers can instantly adapt to new workflows, production environments and distribution channels using tools that fully support open standards.

Next generation software will only be successful by being part of an eco-system of proven solution sets that support open standards and ease of use for day-to-day productivity and reliability. The collaboration between Vidispine and Object Matrix is a combination of best of breed products for a smarter and more competitive solution.

“We believe in software commoditisation and the innovation power it can unleash. The software developers in our fast growing eco-system need a robust, scalable and well-designed architecture. With that, they can create the best software for rich media workflows, applications and services. We found that Object Matrix share this vision and it was a simple decision to partner with them” Erik Åhlin, CEO, Vidispine

The MatrixStore provides a very secure, scalable archive solution that protects the asset and its associated metadata for as long as an organisation needs access to that content. The integration with Vidispine ensures that organisations have a very elegant solution for putting data where they need it when they need it with very little management effort and utilising very economical non-proprietary platforms.

“No technology is an island when dealing with complex creative workflows. The benefits of MatrixStore technology are fully realised when integrated with 3rd party applications such as Vidispine that ensure customers get the workflow they need and not one that is dictated to them. Object Matrix and Vidispine have both brought disruptive technologies to market, we share similar values with regard to providing open, commodity platforms that scale in an economic fashion and have the domain experience required to help customers where they need help”. Nick Pearce, co-founder, Object Matrix.


The integrated Vidispine/MatrixStore solution is available now direct from Vidispine, Object Matrix and their worldwide network of business partners.

The View from OM

We are very happy to be working with the Vidispine team, Erik and Isak bring a wealth of knowledge and skills that compliment not only those at Object Matrix but also to the group of other companies (WIG) bringing passionate technical innovation to the creative industries.