Cameras of all kinds, CCTV, mobile and ‘police body worn’ just to name a few, are generating huge amounts of HD video and metadata. For many this is exciting, terrifying and confusing in equal measure.

Big Data Management & Storage

The most obvious challenge with vast amounts of HD video is that of moving it around. Bandwidth, speed of transfer and location of data means that one size certainly doesn’t fit all. The economics of big data isn’t all it seems at first glance either. The commercial cloud famously ‘scales’. When they crunch the numbers, firms sometimes find that this scaleability applies to price in an uncomfortably linear fashion!

Object Matrix have been specialising in wrangling big data securely for over 10 years, way before ‘big data’ was even called ‘big data’.

Making sense of it

The third, equally daunting challenge lies in understanding this deluge of data and putting it to use.

It’s early days, and organisations are struggling to make sense of machine generated data. The data churned out by cameras is no exception. Humans can look at a video be entertained, excited, scared or angry. Humans can often identify key incidents and relevant people instantly. Machines struggle.

The ability to connect to other data sources and layer disparate data sets over each other is important for the effective analysis of big data. A major roadblock to achieving this level of interoperability is the fact that data is often silo’d (both technically and organisationally) the problem is compunded by the fact that these systems usually store data in different formats.

CCTV Intelligent Archive R&D Project

Object Matrix is working with Airbus Foundation and Aberystwyth University undertaking an ambitious R&D program aimed at the challenges inherent in aggregating, managing and manipulating huge amounts of video data securely and cost effectively. The project looks at the opportunities of storing video and data, extracting intelligence and enhancing interoperability with other systems.

Catch up with us at Digital 2015

Digital 2015 is an annual event held in the Celtic Manor in Newport (Wales) that aims to bring together more than 1,300 people from all corners of the digital economy to learn, share ideas, make connections and develop business opportunities. Object Matrix will be exhibiting at Digital 2015 on Stand 25. Why not stop by and have a chat. Nick Pearce, Sales and Marketing Director at Object Matrix, will also be giving a talk at the event about the challenges faced when growing a business on the international stage (Tues 9th, 4.20pm – Masterclass: When to Expand your Horizons)

Directions to the stand

In between sessions pop down to the Exhibition hall to discuss all things digital preservation and big data with the Object Matrix team.

Object Matrix exhibitors at Digital 2015