• 14 September 2018

Julien Gachot – Object Matrix Visionary

Julien Gachot OM Visionary

Julien Gachot – Object Matrix Visionary

Julien Gachot – Object Matrix Visionary 844 475 Object Matrix

Julien Gachot – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


Julien is a senior business development manager, strategic consultant and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience building and selling complex solutions directly to enterprise major accounts or developing indirect sales internationally, with a strong expertise in the content creation industry. He uniquely combines the technical knowledge and commercial insight of the media industry. His gregarious and humorous manner allows him to gain the trust and respect of all strata of management, within any large organization, from C-level executives to machine-room assistants.

Julien has a long track records and major achievements in the creative industries at Perfect technologies, Media 100, Pinnacle Systems and Apple. In 2011, he founded IVORY to support key players of the industry in their transformation, understand the new paradigms and explore new territories, and more recently co-founded  Automate-IT, a software vendor offering innovative automation and collaboration tools for sophisticated graphics workflows.

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

IVORY strategic partners have 3 things in common : (i) the team must be competent, reliable and fun to work with (ii) the technology must be innovative and help customers apprehend new business issues and (iii) the opportunity to grow fast in the territories we cover must be real and measurable. All this is is true but sounds too much like corporate BS, the reality is that we work with the OM team because they are very kind Welsh cousins !

First Met

Part of OM’s go to market strategy was to engage with Apple globally and develop a common proposition. I was one of the identified stakeholders to contact. However my natural French arrogance combined with Apples’ business habits made it particularly difficult for OM to draw my attention. But when Nick, being famous for his perseverance and his love for and drinks, invited me to the French Prime Minister’s residence for dinner I obviously accepted! I then made a friend and a solid business partner.

Object Matrix Comment:

Where to start? Apple sales people in the late 2000s were literally unavailable to deal with stuff that did not fit within its very focused remit. Apple stopped doing trade show stands, then moved into meeting rooms then attended but rarely with the Apple name on their badge. Maybe they were afraid some Mac fan would kidnap them for killing the Xserve RAID?

Anyway in 20087 when we wanted to break into the Apple market in France our mate Mr Cockle said we need to talk with Julien Gachot. So at every trade show I tried and tried and tried to meet with him. Zero success, zero luck.

I rang Julien. Voicemail. Emailed. Tumbleweed.

It is not that JG did not want to speak with us it just was not worth his time. Sometimes business is like that.

Not being one to give up I happened upon a very nice opportunity, provided by the super John Rees of IBW (International Business Wales), to take a French contact, that we wanted to impress, for dinner at the Matignon (The French Prime ministers residence in Paris) with Madame Fillon (the French Prime ministers wife!).

Funnily enough, when I emailed Juline with that opportunity he called me back and accepted but in typical style said .. and please imagine this said in perfect english with a french accent: “OK OK I will come Nick, but I will only stay 5 minutes”

5 minutes was enough!

When we sat down to dinner, in the Matignon, at the head table with the prime minister’s wife Julien turned to me and said. “I think I will stay for lunch” …

Since then our commercial and personal relationship has been absolutely amazing. Julien started IVORY and from there took OM from almost no revenue in France to over €1m a year today.

Like Edel, Julien has a rare ability to understand and articulate complex problems and determine solutions that will bring the most benefit to his clients. He is a trusted advisor to his customers and partners. His network and ability to cultivate and maintain long lasting relationships it phenomenal.

Right now JG is very much part of the OM family, we make a great team and we have a huge amount of fun working together.

Also v proud to call JG a friend.

So Merci Mr Gachot from all your buddies at OM!