• 8 October 2021

Irresistible Studios Signs Up to MatrixStore Cloud Archive

Irresistible Studios Press Release

Irresistible Studios Signs Up to MatrixStore Cloud Archive

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Object Matrix proudly announces that creative production house, Irresistible Studios has migrated its archive to MatrixStore Cloud.

Irresistible Studios is a group of three specialist, creative production companies representing some of the finest global talent. They deliver high-impact commercials, stills, social content, design, and animation and were looking for a more efficient way of managing archive content.

Like many production companies, Irresistible Studios had a requirement to protect their archive content in a media-centric platform that added value to the business, was cost-effective, and also cloud-based. The solution needed to have the ability to ingest high-resolution media files using standard cloud storage protocols (S3), as you would to public cloud, but also provide the capability to share that content with internal and external teams using a simple media focused interface.

MatrixStore Cloud is a stunningly simple cloud storage platform designed for media workflows that enables Irresistible Studios to protect their archive, backup their work in progress, and access their content from anywhere.  With competitive pricing, comparable to public cloud offerings, built-in media management, and no egress fees MatrixStore Cloud is proving to be exactly the right technical and commercial offering for Irresistible Studios and many other production companies across the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Content will be archived to MatrixStore Cloud using a range of backup tools and the S3 interface. Once migrated, the entire archive will be accessed from one place, using Vision from Object Matrix, enabling local and global teams to discover and share content from the entire archive.

MatrixStore Cloud enables Irresistible Studios to maximise the efficiencies of the cloud and share archived content with other stakeholders while retaining the flexibility to easily and quickly scale as required. At the same time, MatrixStore Cloud and Vision ensure the archive remains secure and fully auditable.

Luke Aldrich, Head of Post at Irresistible Studios says:

“With more of the in-house team and freelancers working remotely, MatrixStore Cloud has made life much easier when it comes to managing our archive and sharing data for current projects.”

Peter Watling, Global Head of Cloud Sales at Object Matrix says:

“The simplicity and value that MatrixStore Cloud offers including dedicated media interfaces and unrivalled world-class support were very attractive to Irresistible Studios above and beyond any other cloud platform available.”

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award-winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. It exists to enable global collaboration, increase operational efficiencies and empower creativity through deployment of MatrixStore, the on-prem, hybrid and cloud storage platform. Their unified deployment approach ensures content spans on-prem and cloud storage whilst their focus on the media industry gives them a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when protecting, processing and sharing video content. Customers include: NBC Universal, TV Globo, Warner Bros. Discovery, MSG, ATP and the BBC, to name but a few!

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