InterConnect Features

If any of the statements below ring true this video explains how InterConnect can help to simplify the preservation of your production assets. Please contact the Object Matrix team to arrange a demonstration or to discuss the benefits of the InterConnect application in more detail.

  • You need to free up space on your Avid production storage but need Interplay keeps the location of all project data
  • You would like to keep assets available, on disk, for future projects but do not wish to clog up the fast production storage
  • You need a cost effective yet secure nearline storage platform that integrates with and complements your current Avid infrastructure
  • You need to access core assets even if your local production facility suffers an outage
  • You have footage from the past that gets used regularly but it takes up space on your Avid ISIS storage
  • You need to implement a disaster recovery/business continuity strategy
  • You are required to ensure your valuable assets are guaranteed to be protected, authentic and available now and for the foreseeable future