Imagina US Upgrades Storage Technology by Partnering With MatrixStore Object Storage

Imagina US Upgrades Storage Technology by Partnering With MatrixStore Object Storage

Cardiff, Miami July 4th, 2016:

Object Matrix, the trusted storage partner to the media and entertainment industries, today announces that Imagina US, a leading production company for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, has integrated MatrixStore object storage to provide consolidated nearline storage for multiple workflows at its headquarters in Miami Florida. The solution was designed, implemented and supported by Imagina’s trusted partner for systems Integration, Unitecnic US.

Imagina’s services portfolio includes content production, post-production, management, acquisition, distribution and broadcast of TV channels. In line with the company’s strategy to boost its original content production for the Hispanic Market, Imagina US identified the need to implement a storage strategy that would not only scale into future workflows but also eliminate any potential inefficiencies.

Marc Andreu (Media Manager at ImaginaUS) stated:

Satisfying our growing market requires innovation not only in content creation but also in the production processes. That growth, coupled with the move to higher definition formats, emphasized the need to make efficiencies in our workflows and of course, called for more storage. As we conducted our research, we knew we had to find a central storage system that would also allow us to use different attributes for each one of our partitions in order to offer a large variety of broadcast services tailored to the needs of our clients. We also looked carefully for a system that could easily adapt to our delivery, ingest, quality control and post-production systems and workflows. Object Matrix was the vendor that offered the most versatile solution to meet our current needs as well as the needs we may have in the future.

Unitecnic US, officially established in 2013, is the US division of Spain-based Unitecnic SL, one of the most prestigious System Integration companies in all of Europe. Since 2008, they have been providing consultancy and technical services in the US and LATAM for a wide range of broadcasting projects, including: Studios, Post-Production, Newsrooms, and Playout facilities.

Ismael Marcer (CTO at Unitecnic US) stated:

As a Systems Integrator, we are always focused on fulfilling our customer needs by carefully choosing the most suitable technology for every particular case. We found in MatrixStore the most reliable, scalable and efficient way to provide our customers at Imagina US with the best solution for all their workflow needs.

Object Matrix provides an object storage platform that is trusted by broadcasters across the globe to protect digital assets in a manner that allows them to be re-purposed and shared on demand. The self-managing technology, coupled with automated workflow integration, enables transformational change that brings rapid returns on the investment.

Nick Pearce, co-founder Object Matrix stated:

MatrixStore object storage technology, automated processes and tight workflow integrations ensure that Imagina US employees can be re-deployed from managing silos of storage to revenue generating tasks. We are very proud to be working closely with both Imagina US and Unitecnic, on such a strategic project that consolidates multiple workflows into our highly secure and scalable storage platforms.

The MatrixStore platform chosen by Imagina consists of:

  • 528 terabytes net of 10gigE connected nearline storage
  • InterConnect (for Avid Interplay) for parking, archiving and business continuity
  • Vision (with glooport) for browsing and sharing content
  • MXFS (MatrixStore file system) and SMB file system interfaces.

About Imagina USA

Imagina US is a leading production company for the US Hispanic and Latin America. We proudly provide tailored solutions for the entire value chain of services required to successfully distribute any audiovisual content — to and from — any part of the world.

About Unitecnic

Unitecnic was set up in 1995 as a company specializing in broadcast engineering and multimedia systems integration. Unitecnic designs, develops and executes turn-key engineering projects from the initial advisory and consultancy stages through to the integration, installation and maintenance of implemented systems.The company acts as a distributor for the leading international broadcast industry brand names and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Miami, Buenos Aires and Dubai

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the leading provider of object storage and nearline archive solutions to the media/entertainment industry. Based in Cardiff (UK), it has an impressive track record for providing tightly integrated digital preservation platforms and is trusted by global broadcasters, telcos, banks and utilities companies to ensure their video content is always available. Customers include Globo, Fox Sports, France Télévisions, BT, the BBC, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Deutsche Bank & the Miami Heat to name a few.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.