During this years IBC show in Amsterdam Object Matrix and friends held another evening of sports activities. Not only did it break up the monotony of drinking every two minutes but also provided the perfect opportunity to spend time with partners, friends and customers in a more relaxed environment. This time round we split the group into 6 teams, imaginatively called teams A to F. The teams set about playing each other at basketball, volleyball and 5-a-side football. Following the sports action we embarked on a very relaxing recovery session drinking dutch beer and eating fries with mystery meat. Lekker!

Who won what?

It was clear on the night that the winning team was Team C (sits back awaiting flames from teams A,B,D,E and F!) consisting of Neil Blake (bruiser), Wilco Pieterse (silky), Stéphane Kirchacker (Cool French bloke), The Octopus from Forbidden Technologies and myself. That should stir it up!

  • Golden Boot to Andrew Wheatley of Tradefair
  • Golden Hoops shared between Bridgette Cuttell from Squarebox Media, Fred Roland (Adobe) and our Francisco Ontoso-Ramos
  • Golden Volleyball to the ref who mercifully was on Team Cs side
  • Golden Whingers – you know who you are .. and you live in Porto 😉
  • Golden Helpers – Gerda and the girls


Our very good friends from Active Circle took video during the event and produced this short clip.

A slightly sillier video of the event:


A few samples from the night here. Plenty more on the Object Matrix Flickr site!






Unlike NABSPORTS there we relatively few injuries and most of those were minor, mind you it did look at one point that the ECG machine would be needed on the basketball court! This is the worst injury that was suffered by hot shot Mr Wheatley from Tradefair:


We would like to thank all the attendees for taking the time out to join us, our co-sponsors for their support (see below), Active Circle for the video, but mostly our friends from the AAMedia Group. Peter, Gerda and their girls did an amazing job organising the whole event. Thanks guys.


NAB sports has been booked. It will take place on Monday 7th April 2014 at the same venue as NAB2013. Buses and food will be provided though we may have the pizza after the games this time and not at half time! Well maybe one or two pizzas at half time. If you would like to attend or co-sponsor the NAB event please contact me. Sports to be played will be:

  • Dodgeball
  • 5-a-side footy
  • Tag Rugby OR Netball (call to arms to the ladies in the broadcast industry who will be attending NAB, Bridgette needs more of you to join in!)

The Amazing Sponsors of IBCSPORTS 2103

  • Object Matrix (near-line storage experts)
  • AA Media (Dutch broadcasting consultants)
  • Cambridge Imaging Systems (Media Asset Management and publishing software)
  • Vidispine (API driven MAM backbone providers)
  • Glookast(Experts in media Ingest tools)
  • Trade-Fair (Very cool people helping UK companies take it to the globe)
  • GB Labs (manufacture high performance, scalable NAS systems for the media industry)
  • Mediasmiths (workflow consultants, R&D specialists and strategists across the globe)
  • Forbidden Technologies (providers of FORscene, the world’s most advanced Cloud based video editing platform).

The View from OM

Sorry for taking so long to write this up! Life, the universe and all the follow up from IBC got in the way! As usual the sports were played in the right spirit though the basketball court did bring out the demons in a few people!