• 28 August 2019

Global News Organisation Implements MatrixStore Object Storage in Multiple Global Bureaus

Global News Organisation Implements MatrixStore Object Storage in Multiple Global Bureaus

Global News Organisation Implements MatrixStore Object Storage in Multiple Global Bureaus 820 429 Object Matrix


The US-based, global news organisation provides viewers with 24-hour news coverage including international services available to over 200 countries. Its global team produces local content for international consumption delivering both live news and long form content to its audiences via cable, web and mobile applications. It covers a range of genres including news, sports, business, politics, entertainment and weather.

The Challenges

Having grown considerably over the years, the global news organisation was finding it more and more challenging to capture, manage, and share news content efficiently across the regional offices. Various desktop drives located at the various news bureaus were being used to store content but provided no way of managing assets or protecting them. This made it challenging to share content between bureaus or for the central headquarters to find and retrieve content in a timely and efficient manner. With vast amounts of news content being captured every day, this was becoming a drain on resources.  

The organisation’s employees were spending excessive time sourcing content from multiple storage points. It was important both to be able to easily share the content as it is created but also that each office could have easy access to the entire archive to be distributed as and when needed. News organisations often replay coverage from the archives when it becomes pertinent to a current story. 

Additionally, the news organisation felt that its data security and disaster recovery procedures could be improved through implementing enhanced storage networks. The limited data sharing capabilities meant that news bureaus could not access each other’s content centrally, with storing content on-premise posing a risk of damaging/losing content in the event of an emergency. 

Ultimately, the news organisation wanted to bring a level of governance, metadata management, asset management, repeatable processes and ease of access to content both locally and remotely. This is to maximize efficiency and help the news teams concentrate on covering the news as it happens.

Protecting and Managing Content with MatrixStore

To meet their growing challenges the news organisation chose Object Matrix to protect and manage its content through adopting MatrixStore, the media focused private cloud based on object storage. Due to the desire to bring more intelligence to its archive workflow and a requirement for compact and secure data storage, the organisation chose to implement a MatrixStore Quattro in multiple regional bureaus. MatrixStore object storage deployed on the Quattro platform enables the news organisation to ingest and protect locally, visualise assets and set up disaster recovery by replicating back to the HQ. Following a highly successful two year period of using the solution in production both Object Matrix and the news organisation identified that the News Bureaus and Long-form Programming teams both required the benefits brought by MatrixStore to deliver different features within their own teams. 

News Bureaus

MatrixStore Quattro has been implemented across eleven news bureaus, with data being migrated away from ageing desktop drives in these locations. When content and metadata is uploaded locally at the bureaus it is secure and protected, the Quattro platform then automatically replicates them to a central vault at the Head Office. This allows content to be searched and accessed worldwide by employees, maximising content opportunities and enabling global collaboration. Storing data both on-premise, and at remote sites, provides a disaster recovery solution and ensures secure content protection.

To streamline data sharing, it was identified that the news bureaus require a formal ingest process with dedicated enforced metadata to make it easy to rediscover that content within the archive. The news bureaus now benefit from a single point of access to pooled content through the Object Matrix’s Vision platform, which allows employees to easily search for content through to the metadata process implemented upon upload by MatrixStore. The same improved workflows and processes have been implemented at each of the news bureaus to allow employees to work interchangeably between offices with minimal disruption, therefore improving time and cost efficiencies.

The Long-form News team also needed to move away from a legacy disk storage platform that offered them very little value or benefit other than providing a large bit bucket. They wanted a more strategic platform that would scale as their needs grew, that added more intelligence and governance to the workflow and that provided future proof access to their assets enabling them to find, share and distribute content either through incumbent MAM solutions or stand alone applications.

Having experienced the benefits of working with MatrixStore object storage in the global bureaus the London team invested in, and implemented, a two petabyte MatrixStore Enterprise platform.

Now the teams can quickly access the full inventory of content through the enhanced search capabilities of Vision, enabled through the implementation of metadata ingestion processes. The Process in Place feature enables content to be processed within the storage platform, enabling future-proof access to content with minimal manual intervention. MatrixStore’s full integration with existing platforms and Media Asset Management software allows the teams to access and process data easily and efficiently using existing MAM systems. This has resulted in the organisation implementing improved and streamlined procedures and workflows that integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. This means the long-form news teams can concentrate on producing high-quality news programmes, rather than expending a huge amount of resources delving through the archives.

This prestigious large news organisation now has a total of 13 MatrixStore object storage platforms deployed across Europe, Asia and the Americas and has plans to expand that number with further deployments in the coming 12 months.

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. Our on-prem and hybrid cloud storage solutions bring operational and financial benefits to our customers by securely managing content at every stage of its lifecycle; from ingest and nearline to archive and distribution. Deployed where you need it, our technology is non-proprietary, integrates into existing workflows, enabling you to work locally and share globally.

Our flexible approach, coupled with our focus on the media industry, means that our customers can trust us to deliver the solution they need. Our domain expertise, solutions and world class support are tailored to meet the growing demands faced when creating, archiving and sharing media content. Customers include: BBC, Orange, France Televisions, BT, HBO, TV Globo, MSG-N and NBC Universal.