Final Cut Server Dead?

We Can Help

Reading around the blogosphere, the Twitterverse, support forums and the fact that Final Cut Server has disappeared from the website it is pretty much clear that the current incarnation of Final Cut Server has now been end of life. It is a dead fcsvr. It is an ex-fcsvr. It is no more. Many organisations out there have built entire infrastructures and business processes on the back of Final Cut Server. They rely on it to organise and find content. Many organisations will be worried today about the way forward. If you are in this situation then Object Matrix can help.

If you are looking to migrate from Final Cut Server then please feel free to contact us. With the Object Matrix suite of tools and partner integrations, we can help you to move away from a Final Cut Server platform. We can help with suggestions for new asset management solutions that integrate with MatrixStore storage. We can help with migrating content and metadata from your current Final Cut Server installation to the MatrixStore platform where the content can still be found and used whilst decisions around future asset management solutions are made.

To recap. MatrixStore is an object-based storage solution which protects the metadata associated with content as well, and as strongly, as the content itself. It not only provides the ability to preserve that content and metadata, it makes it available online, on-demand. One of the core pieces of functionality and one that our customers rate highly is the ability to search the archive with the Object Matrix suite of tools.

The View From OM

From time to time we speak with potential customers who have existing assessment management solutions. Their comment is that the DAM is looking after the metadata and why would they need to have that duplicated? The answer was and is always the same. Data and its associated metadata should be protected long term, asset management solutions can and will change often breaking the coupling between the content and the ability to find it. We would of course love for you to choose MatrixStore as part of your digital preservation strategy, however, if you do not, then it is worth choosing a solution that protects both the content and the metadata.