• 16 September 2020

Extensis & Object Matrix Provide Solutions for Corporate Media Environments

Extensis & Object Matrix Provide Solutions for Corporate Media Environments

Extensis & Object Matrix Provide Solutions for Corporate Media Environments 1024 576 Object Matrix

Extensis and Object Matrix Provide Integrated Archive Solutions for Regulated Corporate Media Environments

Object Matrix and Extensis have today announced an integrated solution to ensure media created in corporate environments is protected, secure, and is available from anywhere.

The tightly integrated solution combines Extensis Digital Asset Management interface Portfolio, with MatrixStore, the highly secure private cloud storage platform from Object Matrix. The combination of both solutions ensures content created in highly regulated industries is treated with the highest levels of Digital Content Governance (DCG) whilst ensuring creatives spend more time creating and less time searching.

Both Object Matrix and Extensis have a strong and long heritage working with corporate clients, from energy companies, banks, universities, and security services all of whom insist on the highest levels of  security, audit, and compliance with external or internal regulations that require content to be protected, audited and available on demand.

The combined solution has been successfully deployed at a UK-based emergency services provider, which is using video from the field to assist with training exercises. The all-important footage is securely stored and easily found as and when needed, all while ensuring full disaster recovery and business continuity.

Richard Bamford, Director of Customer Success Extensis, commented: 

“Our corporate and governmental customers are challenged with ensuring their digital evidence meets specific compliance guidelines, such as dashcam and bodycam footage, is both secure and well audited. Our corporate and governmental customers must ensure their digital evidence meets specific compliance guidelines. Our combined solution provides customers the confidence that they have the highest levels of security and auditing for meeting these regulations”

MatrixStore from Object Matrix was designed with Digital Content Governance, security and regulatory compliance at its core. It enables corporate organisations to better organise and benefit from their archives. It ensures content is secure and protected, whilst enabling easy and instant access to content, from anywhere, at all times. Good Digital Content Governance (DCG), a mix of process and technology, can ensure content is protected, instantly accessible and proven to be authentic at any time in the future. It can also help organisations to beat Deep Fake or disprove manipulated images.

Portfolio from Extenis is a digital asset management solution that makes it easier to organise, find and share media assets with remote team members, partners and/or customers. The digital asset management system allows teams to send the right files to the right people at any time thus resulting in increased productivity.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, Sales and Marketing Director, Object Matrix, added:

“The founders of Object Matrix have over 20 years experience of designing, building and deploying object storage solutions to corporate video customers. Our solutions were built to ensure the highest levels of Digital Content Governance so it is fantastic to see them used in conjunction with the Portfolio platform ensuring customers can access content from anywhere knowing the security and availability of their content is assured.”

The integrated solution will be demonstrated on Thursday 15th October as part of Object Matrix’s webinarathon. The webinar will focus on ‘The Challenges in Corporate Video’.