• 6 September 2010

DropSpot: A Powerful Digital Asset Management Tool, Free to Use with MatrixStore

DropSpot: A Powerful Digital Asset Management Tool, Free to Use with MatrixStore

DropSpot: A Powerful Digital Asset Management Tool, Free to Use with MatrixStore 150 150 Object Matrix

DropSpot is a simple yet surprisingly powerful asset management application that runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and that allows you to quickly copy data between your digital devices and your MatrixStore archive as well as to handle, add to and search on metadata.

Most tools for moving digital assets around an organisation suffer from two flaws: either they don’t have the backbone to provide reliable and performant data movement or they are expensive and over complex for what should be a simple task of moving data from A to B.

But moving data from digital media, PCs or SANs to secure data storage doesn’t need to be a time consuming, error-prone or complex operation.

The DropSpot User Interface

DropSpot understands the digital media devices that it is reading from and optimises (e.g., through “multithreading”) its configuration appropriately to yield faster performance results. DropSpot then transfers the data using the most appropriate data transfer protocols, designed for internal, high latency (e.g., internet) or secure channel-based communication. Therefore, as well as a data movement tool, it is excellent when used as an ingest tool to move data into a MatrixStore archive, such as in this customer’s P2 and Avid workflow:

Workflow Showing DropSpot Used to Ingest Data

There’s no point keeping data safe unless you can find it and DropSpot can extract metadata from files to allow for instantaneous searching back of the data stored. It has a powerful facility to understand digital media formats such as P2 and is completely configurable to allow the administrator to enforce extra metadata (such as production names), which can then be requested to be added when users drop data. Below is an example screen that can be configured to pop up whenever someone drops data into the MatrixStore archive. From DropSpot v2.4 this is completely configurable and it can be modified to capture as much or as little data as you want to.

Furthermore, DropSpot provides job control, so that jobs to copy data can be later reviewed and, if necessary, verified or restarted (optionally, from the point where the job stopped, avoiding the need to copy all the data again). Jobs can be verified or re-run (from the point of failure) if for any reason there was an interruption to the data copying service.

The View from Object Matrix

DropSpot is not trying to be a full-blown DAM (such as Final Cut Server is/was, CatDV etc), and it is not designed to replace the need for those types of applications in larger organisations. However, DropSpot provides secure, reliable data transmission via a simple to use yet surprisingly powerful interface. It provides lightweight asset management and strong metadata entry and search facilities. Furthermore, it’s free to install it on as many client machines connecting to MatrixStore as you’d like to.

DropSpot high-level features:

  • One-click archiving
  • Simple search, find your data instantly
  • Basic DAM/MAM functionality
  • Reduces management overheads and processes
  • Intuitive user interface. Easy to use without special training
  • Linux, Mac and Windows versions
  • Works as a GUI or from command line interfaces
  • Options to review, verify or to re-run jobs
  • Understands digital media such as Panasonic P2
  • Automated metadata extraction
  • Allows extra metadata to be entered by the operator to identify the data being stored
  • Completely free to use on any number of client machines with a MatrixStore archive

If you would like more information on how to implement a management free nearline storage platform that scales to multiple petabytes then please contact us.