• 2 October 2020

DPP Libraries & Archives Report with Object Matrix

Object Matrix sponsors DPP Design for tomorrow report

DPP Libraries & Archives Report with Object Matrix

DPP Libraries & Archives Report with Object Matrix 1024 576 Object Matrix

Design For Tomorrow – Libraries and Archives Report

An archive is no longer just somewhere that content goes at the end of its journey. Instead, it’s an integral part of the supply chain. We call our media files ‘assets’ because they have intrinsic value, and unlocking that value is more important than ever before.

Libraries and Archives: Managing Media Inventory is the third report in The DPP’s  Design for Tomorrow series. It identifies the key success factors for the design of future-facing content collections and repositories.

Whether for active reuse and monetisation, or long-term cultural preservation, libraries of content must be safe, accessible, and organised. They must balance longevity and security with agility and efficiency.

Discover the six key success factors for achieving the resilience and responsiveness now required of a modern media company, maximise the value of your archives, and ensure they’re fit for an uncertain future.

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