• 27 November 2015

Disaster Recovery is Not an Option

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery is Not an Option

Disaster Recovery is Not an Option 203 155 Object Matrix

Disaster Recovery is Not an Option

If you capture, curate, process or distribute digital content that drives revenue for your organisation then the ability to keep the process flowing, even during local outages, is essential. The infographic below highlights some interesting (and scary) statistics about what causes outages. It also shows the knock on affects for many organisations.

There is a lot of fear being touted about natural disasters or other cataclysmic events but in reality it is more likely to be the mundane rather than the hurricane that will bring production to a halt.

Some things to consider:

Define what a disaster is in terms of data availability:
• Over 60% of all outages are caused by operational or human errorsResearch what, in reality, brings processes to a halt. You will find some surprising results:
• Local network drops
• Loss of MAM, DAM or PAM
• Production storage offlineSet your expectations. During a major outage having your data available on the remote site will be a blessing. Search out solutions that can ensure that at the very least then evolve the workflows. Disaster Recovery & Business ContinuityObject Matrix has a long heritage in providing solutions to ensure organisations can continue working despite local outages. Further more the tight integrations (Avid Interplay, Cantemo Portal etc) ensure that the end user experience can be fully automated and as non-disruptive as possible. Object Matrix also specialises in making disaster recovery add day-to-day benefit to your workflow, e.g., not just having a backup but also having wide area access to your data.

For more information please download and read the Object Matrix Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity White Paper or contact Object Matrix for a more in depth discussion (sales@object-matrix.onyx-sites.io, +44 (0)2920 382308).More Disaster Recovery and Replication Linkshttps://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/media-workflow-disaster-recovery-dr-replication-strategies/https://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/matrixstore-object-storage-at-nab-2015-more-than-just-a-file-system/https://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/the-new-media-storage-paradigm-wide-area-nearline/https://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/disaster-recovery-and-business-continuity-for-avid-interplay-video/