The Company
Dinamo Productions is an innovative and skilled animation production company founded in 2004 who produce 2D and 3D Digital Animation and Visual Effects for TV, film and the web. As well as carrying out post-production for some of the UK’s best known TV brands Dinamo also offer design, illustration and storyboard services and consult on a variety of different production processes. Past projects and clients include: Grandpa in my Pocket (Adastra /Cbeebies), TellyTales (Cbeebies), Fun with Claude (ZDF/Playhouse Disney), Cwm Teg/Happy Valley (S4C/RTE) and Cyw – animated channel continuity (S4C). Dinamo use a wide range of technical solutions and platforms to create their own IP and deliver content to their clients and are known for keeping on top of any positive technical advances thanks to a firm commitment to R&D.

The Need
Dinamo require fast, un-hindered access to their digital assets whilst also requiring a large volume of content to be available at their fingertips. They wanted to avoid adding more capacity to their more expensive rendering and compositing storage and started to look for a archive solution that did not require any management, could scale and be available centrally on the network.
The issues they faced included:

• Finding content on the many separate RAID silos acquired over time.

• Managing the protection and location of terabytes of content.

• Procurement and administration of 3rd party storage management tools.

• Locating and loading clips from previous work when new series are commissioned.

• Moving content to and from tape was laborious and error prone.

The Solution

After working with different technologies and managing the many silos of content Dinamo selected Object Matrix’s secure and scalable MatrixStore solution to act as a nearline repository for all content that they require to be available on demand.

Out of the box The MatrixStore provided: • Centralised Vaults providing instant access to all assets. • A scalable solution that requires little or no management. • Capability to add and search on Metadata • Data Lock Down to stop accident deletes • High availability of data and automatic failover in the case of a hardware failure • Ability to add in future storage as and when they become available

MatrixStore allows Dinamo to pull content up when they need it, where they need it. They no longer have to go hunting around for clips from previous episodes, it is now available with a simple search operation.

The Process

1. The AVID media held on the SAN is moved to MatrixStore using DropSpot with rudimentary metadata added.

2. Historical episodes of programmes are also copied to a MatrixStore vault.

3. When content is required to be restored the editors use either DropSpot or MXFS (File System Interface) to pull content from MatrixStore on demand.


Aron Evans, MD of Dinamo Productions stated, “The team at Object Matrix clearly understand the technical and operational challenges faced by production facilities up and down the country, namely ‘doing more with less’. With the MatrixStore solution hitting an economic sweet spot and the team having the domain expertise we have the happy situation were we are doing more for less. The fact that we have local support is also a huge bonus”.

“Asset management and storage are constant issues in digital content creation. Every Animation and VFX project we work on need archiving to stable, accessible and expandable storage , this is where MatrixStore comes in” Ben Cawthorne, Head of R&D, Dinamo Productions

Case Study PDF

Get the full Dinamo MatrixStore Nearline Case Study.

The view from OM

It is great to work with local companies, especially ones who look to work with us to improve workflows and encourage innovation. We look forward to developing more solutions and workflows with Aron, Ben, Hywel and the team..