Digital 2015 – Digital Dozen

Object Matrix is proud to have been selected as one of the Digital 2015 Digital Dozen. The Digital 2015 event brings together over 1300 delegates and 100 world class speakers over a two day event to discuss all things tech. We see enormous value in participating in this technical festival as it allows us to connect with like minded companies and also to explore and forge new commercial or technical partnerships.

The technology we have developed since 2003 and our core expertise is also highly relevant to many tracks being discussed at the event. The ability to protect, secure, curate and find content is key to any organisation that wishes to extract value from large data sets. Object Matrix has a pedigree in providing software solutions to tackle such ‘big data’ challenges and also providing digital preservation platforms that enable organisations to exploit their digital content through enhanced metadata support. If you want to know more about Object Matrix, big data or want to join our amazing R&D team then please get in touch to arrange a meeting at the event. Don’t worry if you cannot arrange a specific time as Object Matrix will have a booth in the exhibition hall, just drop by to say hello!

Object Matrix is also a founding member of the GlobalWelsh ( project that is seeking to engage with the global Welsh community. Digital2015 provides the perfect platform to spread the message that the Welsh businesses want to connect with, recognise and learn from our successful diaspora. Again get in touch to find out more!

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