• 8 June 2016

Did you hear the one about the Editor, the CTO and the CFO?

Did you hear the one about the Editor, the CTO and the CFO?

Did you hear the one about the Editor, the CTO and the CFO? 150 150 Object Matrix

https://object-matrix.onyx-sites.io/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Object-Matrix-The-Editor-CTO-CFO.jpgDid you hear the one about the Editor, the CTO and the CFO?

They all love their MatrixStore object storage!

Implementing a new workflow or storage infrastructure involves many stakeholders within an organisation. It’s no longer relevant to only talk about performance or price per terabyte. CTOs are looking beyond having silos for just Avid workflows, just transcode or just QC. Editors are looking for integrated solutions that are easy to use so they spend more time being creative than finding stuff. The CFO and CEO are looking to increase revenues, generate new business models and rationalise resources.

Having chatted with our customers we have summarised what key stakeholders in those companies see as benefits of working with Object Matrix.

The Editor The EditorIntegrated and intuitive interfaces. They want solutions that work with the tools they use.All assets in the archive available at their finger tips.Easy to find and browse clips, audio, images or scripts.Sharing content with colleagues and clients is a breeze.The CTO The CTOFuture proof in scale and workflow integration.On premises or offsite private cloud technology that is non-disruptive, proven, integrated and includes automated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery workflows.Removes the headache of many silos of storage.Solves issues of teams using USB drives or cheap NAS/SAN to protect incoming content.Tackles data security challenges, applies retention policies and audits access to storage. Reduces chances of accidental or malicious deletion.The CFO The CFOBrings increased efficiencies and ROI is driven by generating new revenue streams from latent content currently sat on offline media.Ensures revenue generating activities continue despite local outages.Flexible purchasing options with CAPEX and OPEX models both available. Check out this super post from Marcia Andrade on Linked in discussing this very topic.Enables transformational changes ensuring human resources are aligned to revenue generating tasks.

MatrixStore, from Object Matrix, is so much more than just a file system.

It is a high availability storage solution with a highly competitive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) that comes with a suite of applications and proven third-party integrations that offer new means to share content and generate revenue.

  • Object Matrix Vision, existing customers, and newly gained ones, are excited about realising the value of their archives or sharing content internally and externally with this browser based product.
  • DropSpot provides a graphical interface to ingest, search, tag and manage assets on MatrixStore. Used to protect media not managed by a MAMs, DAMs or PAMs (rushes from journalists, shoots from remote locations etc).
  • Proven, integrated and automated Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery workflows.
  • HSM Functionality to push content deeper offline (LTO, ODA, and Cloud Storage)
  • Integrations and certification many 3rd party manufacturers in the Media Market. Tight integrations with Avid Interplay, Vidispine, Cantemo Portal and much more make adoption of MatrixStore object storage a non-disruptive process.

If you are looking for a solution that is more than just a file system and that solves problems for the editors, the management team and most importantly your customers then please do get in touch.

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