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Object Matrix Customer The Ark

We have been really impressed with MatrixStore, which addressed our needs technically and commercially, by being secure and intuitive whilst being extremely easy to migrate existing content onto. The other big benefit was having local support which was key in our decision making. MatrixStore applications enable us to quickly search and reuse our content, and now that we have the future proof platform our business can grow with, we can start to introduce further workflows that include implementing disaster recovery.

Planimonteur Offers Remote Post Production with Object Matrix

Thanks to the setup with MatrixStore, we can be much more efficient with our workflows, and more importantly help OCS to become more efficient. Ultimately, that shortens the time it takes to get content to the viewer, something which is becoming increasingly important in a fierce competitive landscape.” 

Object Matrix Customer 59 Films

“It’s important that we continue to make our clients’ experience as creative and simple as possible. With people needing to review work-in-progress, it was key to have a system that could easily allow access, whilst ensuring stringent security and protection for other content. MatrixStore also brings further benefits, such as the ability to automate a lot more tasks and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.”

Object Matrix Customer BT TV

MatrixStore has allowed BT to deliver a number of high profile projects with some very challenging timescales and will continue to support the delivery phases of any new or associated projects. The simplicity and efficiency allow high volume Master restoring to enable new or extended file formatting ensuring related deadlines are achieved.

Object Matrix Customer Imagina US

“MatrixStore has revolutionized Imagina’s archive system, giving it an integrated system to manage multiple vaults, whilst ensuring a high level of content security and protection. Ultimately, it means Imagina can get back to what it does best – generate great content”

Object Matrix Customer MTA International

Being able to continue working in Wimbledon in the aftermath of the fire validates out trust in MatrixStore to protect our content in an automated and integrated fashion which is why we plan to grow the capacity by at least a further petabyte this year in order to cope with the influx of content we receive from around the globe.”

Object Matrix Customer Orange

“We now have a large range of options and flexibility to efficiently handle up to two thousand new programmes every year, thanks to the integration and control possibilities using Portal and MatrixStore APIs. We can easily edit files within Portal, add additional metadata and interrogate metadata using the MatrixStore APIs. We are now equipped to support rapid international growth of content consumption.”

Object Matrix Customer OCS

“We were looking for a powerful solution, that would be future proof in terms of accessing content, could scale in line with our business needs, with good processing power, that is simple to deploy, and which we could use autonomously. With more than 30,000 assets to manage, security was also at the heart of our decision. We chose the combination of Cantemo and Object Matrix and we have entrusted the integration to CTM Solutions.”

Object Matrix Customer ITN

“It is becoming increasingly critical that we can continue to have easy and fast access to the most recently archived items, whilst also protecting, curating, sharing, distributing, and auditing that content. MatrixStore gives us that access and control, at the same time as giving us the flexibility to integrate with other parts of the workflow.”

Object Matrix Customer Sky

With an explosion in production activity we needed a storage partner we could rely on to help us scale in both capacity and performance whilst ensuring we can integrate more workflows in the future. Object Matrix scored highly on all counts”

Object Matrix Customer MediaPro Group

“We are extremely confident in our new object storage system provided by Object Matrix. We identified that we needed to consolidate our various legacy storage pools into a more robust and scalable unified platform. Managing multiple silos of storage not only takes time and resource but also makes finding and accessing content very difficult. MatrixStore has allowed us to overcome our previous infrastructure challenges and also enable us to audit access and operations on data that was not possible before. This is our first phase of implementing a Digital Content Governance platform with Object Matrix, and we look forward to continuing to work with them,”

Object Matrix Customer Globo TV

“Ensuring that work can continue at any of our production facilities is of paramount importance. We require not only seamless business continuity; but also an automated workflow, capable of ensuring that each and every project change, asset movement, clip editing, or asset deletion, would be immediately and automatically reflected in our disaster recovery site. After much consideration, we determined that implementing a disaster recovery strategy, using technology from GLOOKAST and Object Matrix, would bring technical, strategic, and commercial benefits to our company”

Object Matrix Customer Halo

“MatrixStore has made massive improvements to the facility. It has eliminated our islands and it has made us more efficient than ever before.”

Object Matrix Customer S4C

“The deployment of Object Matrix’s solutions is primarily aimed at improving the efficiency of the team responsible for the creation of promotional trailers for transmission. MatrixStore will enable that team to easily archive content whilst also providing immediate access at a later date. As a result, content is reusable and the search process less labour-intensive, meaning our team can spend more time working creatively to the best of their abilities.”

Gorilla Object Matrix Customer

“The MatrixStore manages itself, we just manage the data on and off the system.”

Object Matrix Customer NBC Universal

“It has worked perfectly. The reliability of the platform is excellent, I feel confident that our media is well protected.”

Object Matrix Customer Miami Heat

“We are very pleased with the combined solution from GLOOKAST and Object Matrix as it provided the exact combination for our functionality and budgetary requirements. Their respective heritage in workflow and digital preservation was also a great comfort that the solution would just work.” 

Object Matrix Customer MediaPro Group

“MatrixStore has enabled us to greatly increase our storage capacity, but more importantly we are able to manage our archive in a much more efficient way. The automation capabilities enable us to ensure the right content is in the right place at the right time and MatrixStore also gives us confidence that our data is both protected and future proof.”

Object Matrix Customer The Guardian

“It’s been an absolute massive success. Our staff can now produce their content without there being the inevitable delays or lack of capacity or any of the technological blockers that we had there before”

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