Come and talk Nearline at the Root6 Platform1 Event

Next Week Root6 will be hosting their popular Platform1 event in the Giraffe bar in Soho. Object Matrix will be at the event not only to demo our latest and greatest offerings but also to talk about recent developments in the world of ‘Nearline storage’.

If you or people in your organisation are asking the following questions then you really should think about registering for the event and coming along to join the conversation:

  1. What is Nearline? How does it differ from Nearchive, Prechive, near online, tiered storage???
  2. What Nearline offerings are currently available and what are the differences?
  3. Can a Nearline storage platform also be used for deeper, longer term archive?
  4. Can everyone in my business get access to content on the Nearline Archive or is it limited to one workflow?
  5. Why is D.I.Y such a bad idea when it comes to looking after my companies and customers valued assets?
  6. Can the same physical Nearline platform be used for both ingest and parking purposes?

Nick, Mark and Gavin from the Object Matrix team will be on-hand next week to answer all of the above. We will also be happy to talk about InterConnect for Avid Interplay Archiving and any other questions you might have so please feel free to register today!

The View from OM

We very much enjoyed the event last year, the topics discussed and the quality of the conversations made it very easy decision to sign up again.