Case Study: Secure Tapeless Ingest for Boomerang+

The Company: Boomerang+

Boomerang+ is compromised of a group of companies whose activities include program production, post-production services, television services including outside broadcast, and talent management. The groups creative and highly motivated production team spans the globe to deliver programs from some of the world’s most spectacular locations.

The Need

In 2009 the Boomerang production team recognised that increasingly work coming into the business was no longer going to tape based and therefore began the search for solutions to assist in providing a repeatable and efficient workflow for dealing with digital media. The first decision was choosing the right cameras and formats that would allow them to meet the strict criteria set out by their core customers. Once settled on the camera technology they then faced a new paradigm of managing 100s of terabytes of file based digital media data.

The problems they needed to solve include:

  • Secure and verified daily ingest of content and metadata from up to 20 cards
  • The safe parking of data until it was ready for rough cuts and then final editing
  • Finding a solution that Integrated into their existing AVID workflows
  • Finding a solution that would not fall over because of a single piece of hardware failing

The Solution

Boomerang selected to use Panasonic P2 cameras offering 4:2:2 image processing, intraframe compression and proven solid-state reliability. For storage and integration with their existing Avid workflow, they selected Object Matrix’s secure and scalable MatrixStore solution.

Quick Stats

  • 40 AVID EDIT suites
  • 192 Terabyte AVID ISIS
  • 65 Panasonic P2 Cards 64GB
  • 66 Terabyte MatrixStore
  • AVID Symphony, Media Composer
  • Pro Tools

The Process

  1. Capture: P2 data is captured in the field
  2. Ingest: When the P2 media enters the facility the content is immediately ingested into a MatrixStore Vault using the DropSpot application. This ensures there are two authentic copies of the content across two RAID5 storage nodes………………

The View from OM

To date there is no de-facto method or technology for securing tapeless rushes. The solution set from Object Matrix provides organisations with a secure and searchable rushes repository that requires very little user administration and that fits into their current workflows.