France Télévisions has recently ordered their 9th, 10th and 11th MatrixStore clusters.

The Challenges

The primary production workflow at the France Télévisions’ headquarters is based around the Avid Interplay PAM using Avid ISIS7000 storage. At the Paris location, a dedicated team is in place to manage the ingest of file-based content and the allocation of media, where appropriate, for each programme. With rapidly growing production needs, capacity on the online storage is frequently unavailable due to reaching the maximum useable space on the ISIS7000 platform. However, not all the content that resides on this tier one storage is necessarily required in the short or medium term.

The Solution

Leveraging previous experience with similar deployments for France Ô (France Télévisions Group) and Pro TV (“30 millions d’amis), DID Technology confidently suggested MatrixStore as the secure nearline storage platform in answer to the RFP……

Download the Case Study to discover how France Télévisions solved this problem with the help of MatrixStore and InterConnect from Object Matrix:

France Télévisions